Full Scholarships at UCSI University for Malaysian Students

A bachelor degree will go a long way to help you find a job. We know for a fact that this graduate degree actually helps you experience your entry-level jobs and get a taste of what real education feels like. That’s why we put so much store by it and we believe that it can be a gateway to a better mode of living, and studying.

So, we have made a point of hunting down all the useful bachelor degree opportunities out there and help you have a look at the most accomplished ones. A bachelor degree is an important thing and you will have to really put significant efforts if you want to be on top of the learning experience.

You can pursue your degree in an online university too. It’s in fact one of the greatest idea that you can have. Why not combine your “offline mode of learning” with the greatness of the online university?

By opting for online universities, you will quickly find yourself enjoying the best of all online practices. There is a lot to pick and enjoy yourself, so do explore these opportunities.

As to distance learning, yes – many students prefer this mode of learning, because it gives them a lot of freedom. The distance learning opportunities will be a guiding light for many participants in the modern educational system.

Yes, distance learning could have a few drawbacks here and there. You will certainly want to have more personal contact with everyone involved and it will always pay off to be involved in a way that is meaningful, but can you afford the costs and wasting time travelling or working to cover completely unnecessary expenses? We are here to put that to the test by offering you options that range from e-learning to excellent scholarships.

Some of the offline initiatives we have on our mind include: Weldon-le Hurray Scholarships at Durham University in UK, 2019 and the “Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program” of Tianjin University, 2019-2020.

In 2019, there will definitely be quite a few scholarships to pick from Honours Scholarship at Western Sydney University Australia, 2019 and Northwestern Polytechnical University President Scholarship Program for Foreign Students in China, 2019.

Yes, studying with real scholarships is indeed a thing. If you want to get the best solutions, all you need to do is to follow our advice. We will provide you with both online and offline solutions.

24 Replies to “Full Scholarships at UCSI University for Malaysian Students”

  1. Hi,am Hadija Nanseera from Uganda holding a diploma in clinical medicine and community health.i love to attain a bachelor\’s degree in medicine from your University but have no money please kindly help

  2. Hello,
    Looking for a philanthropist, or international organizations(s) that will provide me with a scholarship, for me to upgrade my carrier.

  3. Hello iam from somalia but live in kenya i would like to get this aportunity if its possible because of iam not get university and like to improve my knowledge so as to give back my knowledge for others i wish to get and will wait

  4. May you please sponsor me for master degree in any field related to my bachelor of Education which I obtained from Makerere University Kampala Uganda. I don\’t have money to sponsor myself and whether Distance learning or any am ready to take.thanks

  5. am a young man i complete a certificate telecommunication city and guilds in 2014 since then i not proceeded with my academics due to fees i want a scholarship in information system degree program.please assist me i will be grateful.am from malawi africa

  6. I would like to get the scholarship in journalism and social communication.

    I finished senior six but I don\’t have any money.
    I will highly appreciate if this scholarship is granted to me.

    Yours faithfully.

  7. Hullo
    This is Hector Madete
    Would like to persue an engeenering course in soft ware engeenering with the help of your scholaship

  8. I am a high school leaver. I am really looking toward your sponsorship because of my poor background. Plz I need to be considered..



  9. I\’m Juma suleiman from Tanzania and i have diploma of pharmacy it will be a great opportunity to get scholarship.
    looking for a bachelor degree in pharmacy, i\’m waiting for that great chance. thank you

  10. Hi, I\’m Ehkontee Helena Wisseh from Liberia holding a high school diploma.it is my dream a public health worker. Started the process at age 18yrs after graduating from high school due to some financial issues. I love to attain a bachelor\’s degree in public health from your university but no money please help me fulfill my dream.

  11. My name is Thompson Kiatamba from Liberia,i am a 2016 high school graduate,i will be excited to obtain scholarship or grant in order to forward my education.

  12. My name is mitiku alemu from ethiopia.i have from hawassa university by cooperative business management iam interested to learn further education in london MA(post graduate) program by business administration or business management

  13. Update My name is mitiku alemu from ethiopia.i have graduated from hawassa university by cooperative business management in 2014:iam interested to learn further education in london MA(post graduate) program by business administration or business management.

  14. Helo I really need your help because I need to continue with my education I am a zimbabwean by citizenship

  15. i need full scholarship from you because i can not manage to pay tuition for myself i`m Brian Manda

  16. I wish to take on that opportunities for fully scholarship ,but I am not Malaysian . I am Rwandan . so ,I would like to ask if may I funded as well as?

  17. Hello. I am Azamat. I am 19 and I am from Uzbekistan. I want to study in Malaysia. This is full scholarship. But I don’t know how to apply.Please contact me

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