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Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships

There is little reason to worry about one’s education. Certainly its costs might have been over the top. When trying to determine how much it costs to earn a degree, it would be wrong to just account for the money students have to pay up front for their degrees. There are associated costs as well. For instance, while not working, learners will de facto be losing money at a good clip while still having to pay for their education, living costs, and textbooks which also send the tag of education up high.

An alternative to that kind of financially devastating education could be the online university. The online universities has become an institution in its own right. It has been trying to emulate practices found in traditional universities to the point where it has started issuing degrees. Yes, nowadays you can obtain an online masters degree. Are there any real merits to your online masters degree? Well, there is a number of people who would happy argue both the pros and cons of one such trade off. The strongest advantage of an online course is that it charges you nothing compared to the stonking costs of what we could describe as actual education. Nevertheless, the online university has shaped up to be a sufficiently potent distributor of knowledge today to prompt established universities to also look into the whole business with online schools.

For good or for bad, the online university and the online masters degree it can offer has arrived in students’ homes. All that is needed is for learners to muster up the courage and actually go online. The classroom is becoming increasingly sophisticated, as the physical rivals of the online university are trying to put it out of business, or adopt its good practices, to the point where they themselves become perceived as online universities

Let’s consider the Pershing Square Foundation awards available every year. These are full scholarships which give students pursuing 1+1 MBA a chance to cover all their tuition costs.

The scholarship is comprised of the following:

  • It is offered to 5 candidates;

In order to qualify, successful candidates must:

  • Show outstanding academic performance;
  • Show character traits that are linked to leadership and overall integrity;
  • They must outline the process the would follow to make their education transition into real-world success;

The successful candidate must apply by March 2018 in order to qualify for the scholarship. The application process is outlined at the how to apply page. Additional information can be found at the scholarship’s official website.

Name, full MBA scholarship available from Pershing Foundation

Consider studying Master’s or PhD and the Pershing Foundation will offer you all the financial…

35 thoughts on “Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships”

  1. Alazer says:

    my name is Alazer i’m from Ethiopia i’m intrested to scholarship to study Engineering.plc guide me

  2. Ousmane Tahir Chaibo says:

    I’m interested

  3. Mekdelawit kebede says:

    I like to join you.

  4. Tibihika Leonard Tumuramye says:

    PhD in education or Doctor of education is what am interested in. Is there any off

  5. kelvin says:

    I’m Kelvin from Kenya. I’m interested in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering.

  6. Tigistu Muhaba says:

    Hello! My name is Tigistu Muhaba and i’m a second year civil engineering
    student @ university in Ethiopia. i’m truly ambitious for scholarship in
    developed country that’s why because its the right place to achieve my
    goal and to see my dream success. i’m 19 years old but i truly feel to get all the ways for achieving my dream and to payback for that kindness. Carryout my fancy please???

  7. sharon says:

    I am sharon from kenya ..am interested in joining you am a form four leaver

  8. Yadeta Hambissa says:

    I’m Yadeta Hambissa.I’m Ethiopian &want to further my study (phD) In TEFL.please consider my requert!

  9. John Anyanzo Ambayo says:

    I’m interested in masters program in law areas from Ugandan

  10. Jacob Maria says:

    Hey …… I am Maria Jacob , i just wrote my grade 12 last month and i am interested in applying for this scholarship because i would like to further my studies in ACCOUNTING

  11. Getachew Sale Mezgebu says:

    I want to Study Doctor
    of Medcine in your

  12. Getachew Sale Mezgebu says:

    I am Getachew Sale 23 years old
    male from Ethiopia.i want to join
    i have BSc degree in public Health
    I much want to Study Doctor
    of Medcine in your

  13. Boateng Emmanuel Nyarko says:

    I wish I could get a fully scholarship……to study degree in computer

  14. lyndelle princess nyoni says:

    i wiah to get a full schorlaship to go to university i am financialy stuk and in need of a schorlaship please

  15. lyndelle princess nyoni says:

    i wish to get a full schorlaship to go to university i am financialy stuk and in need of a schorlaship please

  16. Emmanuella Adwoa Tsibu says:

    Sir / Madam,
    Thanks for the opportunity given me to apply for a scholarship.
    I am reading diploma in General Nursing at a college in Ghana.
    I need a scholarship to pursue my chosen career to the degree level and beyond.
    I come from a disciplined but a poor African home where my parents can not afford to pay for my education and I can not give up my education.
    I would be most grateful to you if you could assist me with a scholarship or a grant to help me pursue my ambition.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  17. James T. Yawoh says:

    Hello I am James T. Yawoh, a Liberian by nationality, Christian by religion. I fully need your support to educate me. reason being is that I have no supporter to send me to school, but I am determined to learn but no ways to do so. I’m a high school graduate and want to study general biology. manor chemistry.

  18. Hakizimana Abdul Aziz says:

    hello! am hakizimana abdul aziz from Rwanda with 20yr old and i appreciate for your help but if you can give me help to continue my studies only God will give you all the blessings my contact is +250786650406

  19. baidoo Michael says:

    It’s my dream to study abroad but no hope
    So please I need help for my dream to come to pass
    Thank you.

  20. Hannah Campbell says:

    I’m Hannah from Sierra Leone, I’m 18 years old. I’m in need of scholarship please help me

  21. Winnie Mandela says:

    I am Mandela from Kenya I would like to study medicine please may you help.I interested in your offer

  22. Monique says:

    Do you have any bursaries in business

  23. Lesley Mutsiwa says:

    I am Lesley from South Africa. I am really interested in this Scholarship program because I want to study Accounting and Finance but I dont have finances to fulfil my dreams.

  24. Teza Simusokwe says:

    my name’s are Teza Simusokwe I really need your help in terms of scholarship I want to study medicine and health,please help me.

  25. Obioha ozioma trust divine favour says:

    Hi,my names are obioha ozioma trust divine favour please i really need this scholarship because i want to study medicine and surgery and my parents does not have money to do that and nobody to help me even my uncles please really need this scholarship please me.

  26. Aisha says:

    Hi, from Somalia I request for this scholarship because challenges fee please help me to get my goal and success my dream, I finished secondary in last year,

  27. Geeyam Jonas says:

    I’m Geeyam Jonas I need scholarship to complete my course at university of cape coast . Bachelor’s degree in mathematics

  28. ETSE elom Jonathan yao says:

    Hello,my name is ETSE elom jonathan yao,I have my baccalaureate in philosophy and letters, now I am in my second years at university of TOGO in ENGLISH study,I haven’t money but I want to study abroad , to perform myself ,please I needs your help in the case of scholarship to continue my study, please don,t forget me.
    My phone number is : +228 96 52 74 11

  29. ETSE elom Jonathan yao says:

    Hello,my name is ETSE elom jonathan yao,I have my baccalaureate in philosophy and letters, now I am in my second years at university of TOGO in ENGLISH study,I haven’t money but I want to study abroad , to perform myself ,please I needs your help in the case of scholarship to continue my study, please don,t forget me.
    My phone number is : +228 96 52 74 11
    My phone number is : +228 96 52 74 11

  30. Favour Nnedimma says:

    Am Favour from Nigeria intrested in scholarship need assistance on how to apply. would be greatful for your assistance.

  31. Mariama Camara says:

    Hi am mariama, 20yrs of age and would love to have the scholarship to further my studies.. Am grade 12 science student graduate and want to study midwifery

  32. Clotilda .N. Claudia Harry says:

    Hi Sir,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands in South Pacific.,

    Gratuated with Diiplomas in leadership and management and in Small Business management in 1994, I fell that I needed to upgrade in these fields of studies again to the next level which I should have done in past but handicapped because been through a real tough time when my country through an Ethic Tension causing my a financial crisis too to go further in my studies.,

    Anyway, I have a great capability to study further as I wish if I has to the chance again to do so in higher levels in Education.

    As for 13 years serving in Law Enforcement, and with the great experienced been through, I am seeking help so I could study a degree in Leadership and management( Human Resources) and Business psychology which is my dual Interest and could help me with daily living in raising the fmanacially demands of my country and help my family needs as well in many ways.

    Please see if I’m qualify for a scholarship from you at any suggested Decision you think right for me . I would be very grateful if I have the chance from you,

    kind regards,

    Ms Clotilda Claudia Harry

  33. Shucayb says:

    I Like To oxford universitY scolarship

  34. Mayur says:

    I like like to scholarship

  35. levin says:

    i really need that scholarship

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