Jim Ellert MBA Scholarship at IMD

If you have not seen A.I. now is a good time to go about this. Distance learning and online college classes are only two of the many implications robots may have on the future. Certainly, today these two branches of education are fairly nascent. They are far from fully-blown industries with their billions of dollars in circulation. Some may even argue that far from trying to make a quick buck, distance learning and online college classes are emerging to help more people to enroll in school and make sure they acquire the skills that would be needed later to earn a decent living. Undeniably, though market forces are afoot. And a lot of such institutions are also slated to make a tidy profit. What stops them from pushing the prices now? Distance learning and online college classes are a new industry, as such they are targeting prospective students who want to do just that – avoid the impossible costs of tuition. There is small wonder then that students who want to go to college work hard and do not give up at the first bad turn of events. On the other hand, distance learning and online college classes have given opportunity to people who have either not had the good chance to enroll or have been suffocated by the burdensome associate with education.

Whatever the reasons, distance learning and online college classes,  will do one thing better than anything else. It will a growing number of people to access the classroom. Certainly, these new modes of education will have to somehow strike a balance between quality and prize, but all the signs are there, that online education will one day be an industry tantamount to today’s university

Now, the Jim Ellert Scholarships are available for MBA students. Prospective candidates may apply yearly by 30 September 2017 and the course starts in 2018.

The scholarship offers to cover all tuition costs to the tune of CHF20,000.

The scholarship targets the following geographical regions:

  • Africa
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Southern-Eastern Asian Peninsula

In order to make the cut, successful candidate will have to demonstrate:

  • A good command of English
  • An entry, 500-word essay answering the question “Why I would like to be an MBA with IMD.

To learn more about the scholarship, students need simply visit its official website.

Name, claim CHF20,000 at IMD

Do not pass up on this great opportunity to fund your MBA at IMD. All capable students such as yourself should…

26 Replies to “Jim Ellert MBA Scholarship at IMD”

  1. To whom it may concern.

    A Malawian by the name Alick Stiff Mbanje who has bn on ODL Bachelors Degree of Theology with Hands On Africa Seminaries _Malawi, in association with Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary from 2012 July – July 2017. He is now seeking to acquire a full scholarship residential in USA, Britain or China to undertake Masters. Would you extend an olive branch to him by meeting his needs to do what will transform the rest of our continent and Malawi in particular.

    As you respond positively to this, receive God’ grace in Jesus Christ’ Name.

    yours In need,

    Alick Stiff Mbanje.

  2. l cannot be able to learn by Distance learning due to financial reasons , l dont have alaptop computer to use and l cannot be able to buy it . So please do me afavour

  3. My name is Tigistu Muhaba and i’m a second year civil engineering
    student @ university in Ethiopia. i’m truly ambitious for scholarship in
    developed country that’s why because its the right place to achieve my
    goal and to see my dream success. i’m 19 years old but i truly feel to get all the ways for achieving my dream and to payback for that kindness. carryout my fancy please???

  4. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. My name is Daisy Akwang, a female Uganda aged 26 years, I have always yearned and I do, to over sea so could advance my knowledge and achieve my dream of being a great banker but finances always fail me that is why I really need your kind help so I can fulfill my dream.
    Your help will be highly appreciated and God will reward you abundantly . Hope to hear from you, and may the good Lord richly bless you.

  5. Am by names of Thomson ozil Ugandan by nationality finished my A’level and yearning to join university but fees are the problem but if am helped am sure that no one will regret putting his trust in me thank you

  6. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that i’m grateful for this information but i still have the problem of school fees . If I get some one to help me , I’m ready to take the course

  7. I am Getachew Sale 23 years old
    male from Ethiopia.i want to join
    i have BSc degree in public Health
    I much want to Study Doctor
    of Medcine in your

  8. Robert Ssewava from Uganda East Africa, I am interested in MBA, for my career growth and to improve my competency at work especially in management, planning and financial literacy. If I am offered a scholarship I will be nearing realising my dreams.

  9. Hello, my name is ETSE elom jonathan yao ,I have my baccalaureate two years ago ,now I am student at the university of TOGO in English study , I want to continue my ENGLISH study abroad but I haven’t money ,please I needs your help in the case of scholarship ,to continue my study and perform myself,please don’t forget me.
    My phone number is : +228 96 52 74 11

  10. Hi my name is Mariama. A 20yrs student from Gambia.. I would love to have the scholarship to further my studies in nursing and midwifery

  11. Hi my name is manali. A 20yrs student form delhi,India.. I would love to have the scholarship to further my studies in MBA.

  12. thanks very much for helping thousands of people to advance their academic carreers,may GOD bless,i also kindly request for ascholarship to pursue my masters in bussiness administration from walden university,

  13. i thank you for supporting people to improve on their education career, i also ask for scholarship to pursue my masters from Walden university.

  14. Your labor of love will never be in vain. God richly bless you for this initiative.
    I also request for scholarship to pursue my masters in business administration from Walden University.

  15. I finished my A levels last year in Cameroon I will be gratified if l get a bursary to study mechanical engineering

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