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Going to university and acquiring one’s first degree is a rite of passage. It is an act of social validation, a telltale sign that the bird has been booted off the nest. However, the costs of education recently have made it rather stormy outside for unwitting birds to spread their wings. And even if they did manage to somehow crawl out of the nest, it would be under the heavy burden of student loans. To this degree most birds have agreed to go to digital classroom and receive their university online degree this way. With a whole bevy of knowledge-hungry and somewhat pocket-empty students, the market for university online degrees is growing at an enviable clips.

Birds do it, bees do it. Students do it. They all try to get by with as little as possible. And to their credit they have done just that. Some of said students not only do it, but are going to do it again. The online masters degrees on offer are readily available o anyone who wants them as long as he or she is willing to enroll in an online class.

A reasonable person can ponder the implications of  one such initiative. Whether going after online masters degree or university online degrees is worth it can be both confirmed and refuted with equal zest and zeal.But students would be remiss not to explore the myriad options laid bare before them known as scholarships. Scholarships are that guaranteed access to the school of one’s choice at no great hassle. They are the fabled Arabian protagonist who found the bandit’s den and opened after eavesdropping on the unknowing rascals. So, before plunging into the countless opportunities that online masters degrees and university online degrees offer, consider applying for a scholarship first.

So, consider the scholarship offered by George Washington University to pursue a Master’s or a PhD degree. The application deadline is set for 5 February, 2018.

Successful candidates would be provided with a scholarship that:

  • Covers up to 18 credit hours in their respective programmes;
  • The grant is renewable up to 3 and 5 years for the Master’s and PhD degrees respectively;
  • Students will need to demonstrate a command of English that is sufficient to allow them to study in an international academic institution

The scholarship target students are from the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Laos, Latin America, The Caribbean, and Mongolia among others.

In order to apply, students need to follow the below-listed criteria to the letter:

  • Students will have to apply for the admission process online. Failing to do so will result in their removal from the consideration process for the fellowship;
  • Students must apply from the portal found here by 5 February 2018 at the latest.

To learn more about the scholarship, students may visit the official scholarship page found here.

Name, 18 credits hours every year are waiting for you.

The George Washington University offers its scholarships for the brightest Master’s and PhD students, and we believe you…

38 Replies to “George Washington University Global Leaders Fellowship”

  1. Very good is amazing this opportunity, I would like to apply for that.

    Best wishes

    Angelo junior from Mozambique

  2. Hello! My name is Tigistu Muhaba and i’m a second year civil engineering
    student @ university in Ethiopia. i’m truly ambitious for scholarship in
    developed country that’s why because its the right place to achieve my
    goal and to see my dream success. i’m 19 years old but i truly feel to get all the ways for achieving my dream and to payback for that kindness. Carryout my fancy please???

  3. I would be happy if am the one of the lucky ones to be granted that opportunity i promise you 100 percent that I wouldn’t let you down

  4. Thanks for the opportunity. I am Pastor/Missionary. Working with youths in My Country Cameroon. After seeing increase in Violence, Organized Crime in Cameroon and the world at large. I wish to apply for a complete scholarship that help me study in your University and return and help young people in my country.

  5. I am Getachew Sale 23 years old
    male from Ethiopia.i want to join
    i have BSc degree in public Health
    I want to Study Doctor
    of Medcine in your

  6. Everybody just want it. I’m not just joining the group I am just as I am. I mean to apply and to have purpose are two different things we need not men with papers on their office tables and call themselves educated men but fall with their education to stand in the midist of great dicitions making and you find them resigning. So I ask big papers for what? Apply to get education to stand and not to fall. Don’t design one day. I need the scholarship please. I am Daniel with nothing but to start from the ground s certificate in leadership.

  7. Leticia from zambia…please do award me with this scholarship to study in any country. I want to peruse a masters in ICT

  8. I am Wesenyelesh Admasu from Ethiopia. am Lawyer in profession and have Bachelor degree in Law from Addis ababa university in Ethiopia as well as MSC in Security Sector management from Cranfield university of UK. I am now public prosecutor working in legal research, drafting and legal indoctrination department in federal Attorney geneeral office. I have kin interest in bringing change in gender and development as well as disability inclusive development by being transformational leader in my society of the world. I am also the blind or visual impaired women and the first women with disability lawyer in my country. so how could you support me in placing with my dream?

  9. Iam really on my knees to have this great chance to study to be of great value to my country Uganda as a good leader.

  10. Hello! Am Hakizimana Abdul Aziz from Rwanda i just want to join your scholarship in order to became your student and even i appreciate for your help! i just want to continue IT in university but i didnt have opportunity coz of money!

  11. Hi, may I be considered for this support. Mine would plea for the support towards competing my bachelor.
    I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  12. Hello! My name is Alhaji Sulaiman Kamara, from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I am interested in your scholarship program.

  13. Hello; im Mireille Matene from cameroon; im really interested in your scholarship. i wish to know if cameroonians can also applied. thanks

  14. My name is nasara from Tanzania, am interested with your scholarship, I real wish to get it I will be very grateful to get that prevalage to study master of business administration, am looking forward for a positive answer

  15. HELLO,my name is ETSE elom jonathan, I have my baccalaureate in philosophy and letters two years ago, now I am in my second years in English study at university of TOGO,I want to continue my study abroad for my performance ,but I haven’t money, please I needs your help in the case of scholarship to continue my study, please don’t forget me please.
    My phone number is +228 96 52 74 11

  16. Hi Sir,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands in South Pacific, Asia Pacific region.

    Graduating with Diplomas I Leadership and management and Small Business and serving in Law Enforcement for 13 years in fields of Intelligence and Investigations, counselling for trouble youths and domestic violence at rising tally report in my country, I wish to further study for a degree in leadership and monument(Management) and Psychological counselling since I’m a practioner in stress and trauma councillor through the United nations Development Programmes in Solomon Islands which this field I counselled the victims before I deal with their cases for legal authorities responsible.

    I humbly hereby seek a sponsorship for a dual programme , degrees in Leadership and management, and small Business management (Finance)

    Please can yous help me get one scholarship, I need your help.

    Kind regards,

    Ms. clotilda Claudia Harry

  17. I am grateful to be here. I am a Liberian hopping to obtain a tuition free scholarship that will enable me to do my postgraduate study in Demography or Education Supervision.

  18. good afternoon
    I am Botho Pule from South Africa. i am interested in studying international trade, or land reform or food security . at a postgraduate level. i currently hold a BSC.IN AGRICULTURE(ANIMAL HEALTH)
    I further wish for an undergraduate programme for my daughter who is currently doing matric(grade 12)

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