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MSc by Research/PhD Scholarships on ‘Collective Leadership and Safety Cultures’ Programme

To enroll in an online class or an online college course would certainly not be costly. Unlike the traditional mode of learning so well know to the majority of us. There are many reasons why students would decide not to go after a scholarship and choose the comfort of their own homes when finally deciding to climb up the academica ladder of knowledge. Their motivation may seem somewhat justified, some would say.

But one inherent problem with studying from home, signing up fo an online college course or online classes as a whole is that enrollees seldom muster up the motivation to stay alert and up to the task. A fairly accurate parallel would be to compare people who take up languages on their own as compared to those who attend classes regularly. So, the benefit of attending places where people study together has had its positive impact on academia the world over.

Scholarships have been an essential part in sustaining people throughout their studies. Without the additional funding received from a number of institutions, private and public, a number of high-performing students would have fallen ultimately short of realizing their dream and been given a chance at proper education.

And many have indeed been ruled out of scholarships, prompting online classes and online college courses to gain traction. So much has online education become a part of our traditional ways of carrying out instruction that scholarships are now being considered for students who also want to apply for online institutions of higher education. Detractors may argue that such scholarships are a waste of money as online education comes at a fraction of the cost of normal classes. Still, an argument in favour is that students still have to cover tuition fees and buy textbooks. Plus, the scholarships for online education are partly designed to attract more people into this mode of learning.

The University College Dublin Health Systems Research Group in Ireland offers generous scholarship programs to fund MSc’s. The university is currently looking for 4 MSc/PhD candidates on its Health Research Board (HRB).

In order to qualify for the scholarship at the University College Dublin, candidates will have to meet the following criteria:

  • They must hold a first class Honours degree in a field that is relevant to the field of study the HRB is involved in;
  • The candidate may also apply if they are recipients of a Masters degree;
  • The scholarships are also awarded on the basis of grades and expected results

The scholarship will grant successful candidates access to EUR16,000 in grant money available for a period of four years. Successful students will enroll in the College of Health Sciences, Schol of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems as part of the PhD program.

For additional information visit the following page.

Name, EUR16,000 are yours for the taking

The University College Dublin offers successful PhD candidate a chance to receive generous funding as soon as they…


117 thoughts on “MSc by Research/PhD Scholarships on ‘Collective Leadership and Safety Cultures’ Programme”

  1. Kusiriel R.Njau says:

    I do have fund to sponsor myself for PHD in sociology, theology, or monitoring and evaluation this field I am very interesting in monitoring and evaluation will you please assist me for that.

    1. Vincent C Malikebu says:

      I would like to go further with my education.
      I have an advanced diploma in public health which obtained from American Institute of extended studies but am failing to continue because of lacking money so I need your help in terms of scholarship.

      1. Nuhu Abubakar Sidik says:

        I would be much grateful if am granted with de scholarship to feather up my education.

    2. Mohammad says:

      I’ll be grateful

  2. Kusiriel R.Njau says:

    PHD On Monitoring and evaluation degree.

    1. Peterson T. Chattah says:

      Can you please consider me as an applicant for undergraduate in the field of Business Finance Or Public Finance. I did many diploma courses.

  3. kababaye says:

    I am the one of orphan and am still poor no money in my life am hopeless of course i. Need the help

  4. Judi n Fayiah says:

    I want to further my studies.

  5. Emmanuel Amankwah says:

    Please I want you to help me further my education …Please

  6. disabilityaidassociation says:

    Dear Ms/Mr

    Urgent need of intervention and
    that they have ability to access the grass-roots and act as bridge
    between the poor ill disabled patients suffering and UN agencies,
    international organizations, well-wishers and charities that are
    willing to help and support Disability Aid Association (DAA) center
    in Kismayo Juba-Land state Somalia

    The drought in rural area of Juba-Land has affected many families of disability and have evacuated from the rural when, their live-stock passed in the drought in this year of 2016 and 2017

    In Kismayo town the Disability people don’t get any support the
    Disability cases in Kismayo is very high

    In Kismayo town and Juba-Land state of Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of
    Disability with one in five people is affected

    Addressing Disability is very low priority in Kismayo Juba-Land state
    Somalia and so devastated by fighting and hunger, it has also been
    ignored by international agencies

    Disabled communities are especially vulnerable to isolation, abuse, and neglect. There is a strong stigma against being disabled and a deep and abiding lack of awareness of their specific and special needs both in the general population and in the medical community.

    Identified needs cannot be met because of the fragile and still undeveloped health care infrastructure. Training of rehabilitation specialists, teachers, and medical personnel is severely limited.

    The disabled suffer more than the general population from acts of violence, especially gender violence. Disabled women and girls are especially vulnerable to rape, abuse, and assault. The disabled need to be protected from most elements of society these days.

    As a result of their isolation and vulnerability, the disabled have a severe lack of autonomy; the women especially lack sufficient support mechanisms to improve their situation.

    The blind are the most isolated because their impairment forces them to remain at home.

    Deaf and hard of hearing have great difficulty communicating with doctors about their health issues without sign language interpreters; without better understanding of their own condition, they are unable to discuss treatment options or understand instructions.

    Sign language interpreters and Braille readers are critically needed for health promotion and care.

    Most of all, both the disabled and the community around them need to learn about disabilities, how to restore, rehabilitate or assist in the recovery of the disabled, and support their inclusion and participation in the community. The disabled do not generally participate in the labor market due to lack of skills, lack of access, lack of materials or equipment, lack of transportation, and the absence of interest by employers in their preparation or readiness to work.

    Because of their vulnerability and their marginalization from real world activities, the disabled are the poorest of the poor. As a result, they typically do not have access to nutritious food, clean water, proper sanitary conditions, preventive health care such as vaccinations, mobility and assertive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, and canes, or aids to hearing or sight such as glasses or hearing aids.

    A constant complaint from the disabled we work with, is that they cannot find or get access to doctors and specialists that they need. The proper response is to fill the gaps by serving as a resource for equipment, for access to services, for education, and for awareness building.

    By the same token, the disabled need to be empowered to manage their lives and to live in the world in a way that leads to a higher quality of life. In this regard, disabled people need to learn an array of basic life skills to become more self-sufficient, need to be prepared to enter or re-enter the labor market, need to learn to read and write in order to manage their daily affairs, to sign or to read Braille,

    The project of empowering disability technical vocational education of tailoring training that has been funded by ABILIS foundation and implementing by Disability Aid Association (DAA) in Kismayo Juba-Land state of Somalia

    Somalia disability group, Disability Aid Association, began its projects abi coin a young disabled people sewing training in kismayo, South in Somalia

    We will be appreciated your quick reply

    TELL: 00252618427704

    Ms. Shukri Sa’id (DAA Chairwoman)

  7. Ibrahim s Koroma says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    my name is Ibrahim s Koroma from sierra Leone, I have H N D in accounting and finance from the institute of advanced management and technology (iamtech).as a poor boy I will be happy if u help me to further my education

    1. Nkomo says:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am man aged thirty holding a Bsc Honours Degree in Mathematics and Statistics. I recently graduated with a Master of Science in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. My research interests are Statistics and Modelling . My concept note is on road traffic accident modelling,”Application of Generalised Log Linear Models in modeling road traffic accidents”. I am willing to startt my studies as soon as possible but I am also appealing to your if you could source funding for my studies.

  8. Austin Smart says:

    Am Austin Smart from Malawi I have MSCE I want to contineu my education but I have no one to support me please help me
    I promise if you are to consider me.
    Therefor I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully

    Austin Smart

  9. Tata Eric Nkeh says:

    I have HND in management please can u help to futher my study

    1. Tata Eric Nkeh says:

      I have HND in management (obtained from Siantou University) please can u help me to futher my study ,

    2. Sk Saha Alam says:

      I am a student of Jadavpur university in electronics and telecommunication, I want to continue my study but lack of money I can’t continue this. So please can u help me to continue my study.

  10. Tewodrose yitsedal says:

    hi my name is Tewodrose Yitsedal from Ethiopia I want to learn a master degree by financial management course the credit per hour is so costly.I have’nt challenge the cost ,&I haven’t funding to support any sponsure but I am interesting to contineuse the program.

  11. Grace ishaku says:

    Please I need help but am an undergraduate student still looking forward to further my education. Can you be of help to me I have no sponsor

  12. Kenny Calisto Chikanza says:

    My field is BA Spanish degree

  13. Kenny Calisto Chikanza says:

    Iam interested in iinguistics

  14. Kenny Calisto Chikanza says:

    Iam interested in humanities

  15. Arooj jahangir says:

    I am M.phil in educational planning and management wanted to do Master in educational leadership. Pls guides how I can apply for this degree

  16. Ghion charinat Moges says:

    I am BA in management wanted to do Master in management .

  17. Tibihika Leonard Tumuramye says:

    Good offer but am so much interest in my feild of education

  18. IAN says:

    Am Ian Kakhwesi from Malawi , I would like to further my education

  19. Mahmoud Seid says:

    I really wish to get a music scholarship please help me

  20. Nangamso vezi says:

    I would like to get a bursay for 2018.in nature conrsevation my father will not afford my fees so i will not go to school next year.

  21. Siphenkosi says:

    Am Siphenkosi and am interested to far with my studies but am struggling to the side of financial services

  22. ismail says:

    am a Student in secondary school
    help me to continue university

  23. wisani says:

    I want the scholarship to take care of my studies an help me to get what I want in life

  24. wisani says:

    As im a matric student for 2017 I want the scholarship to take care of my study next year at the university

  25. philile Princess Mthiyane says:

    I wish to get a scholarship coz I wish to go fairther with my studies I need help

  26. Emmanuel Phiri says:

    I did journalism ABMA level 4 at Soche Technical college but I really wish to go further with education.I need your financial support whether its a scholarship

  27. Emmanuel Phiri says:

    I did journalism ABMA DIPLOMA LEVER 4 at Soche technical college but I really wish to proceed with my education.This is why am requesting financial support whether its a scholarship

  28. Salih Ibrahim ALtaib says:

    I’m looking for scholarship and I hope that if give me a chance to achieve my dreams

  29. Ann Kiprop says:

    interested in pursuing Bachelors in international tourism management

  30. emmanuel says:

    Pls help

  31. Tavonga Makosa says:

    I want to further my studies doing law and I am financially bankruptcy. Could you assist.

  32. Bill Tuesday Kollie says:

    I hold a first degree in Agriculture with minor in Economics. Therefore, I want you to please help me advance myself in the MSc by Research grant program.

  33. Caroline Chame says:

    am Caroline Chame from Tanzania, I have 22 years old, I completed my Deploma in civil engineeringand Community Development, I need to continue with my Degree level but I didn’t have any support cauz nowdaysn my parent passed away. plz help me in this in order me to fufil my goals.

  34. sendeku mihret says:

    I am the one of orphan and am still poor
    no money in my life am hopeless. i Need the help.

  35. kipkoech Vincent Langat says:

    iam kipkoech Vincent Langat from Kenya currently studying in university of eldoret but i am unable to pay my school fee because I am from poor background .if I get your scholarship I Will be to complete my studies,, I am looking forward to hear from you. please consider me. thank you

  36. onyango troon says:

    I am onyango troon, since finishing high school in 2012 I have been defeated to raise college fees kindly assist on how to get scholarship am from a very humble background. thanks

  37. votelwa says:

    am a student at lovedale TVET college am doing Financial Management .I need a bursary for my studies ,NSFAS could not answer me ..can you please give advise

  38. Muhairwe Jordan says:

    Thank you for puting
    me under your consideration
    God Bless You.

  39. Chalo Emmanuel Musyoka says:

    I’m recently taking bachelor’s degree in education ( maths and physics) where I’m also doing psychology and educational research. I would like to proceed with my education upon completion. Kindly anyone to grant me sponsorship will be highly appreciated. I’ll be very grateful. I’m at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya.

    1. abay says:

      Dears, I am Abayneh Tezera from Ethiopia. I was graduated by MBA , on the specialization of Project Management. I want to proceed PhD, course in any related filed, thus why if its your wish I need your support. May God Blesses You !

  40. Laban olekiremu says:

    I call upon your support, am undergraduate bsc electronics in Kenya, I would to pursue my education fully, if granted that chance I will be happiest, and pray God to bless you much, thank you

  41. David Danquah says:

    Am from Africa And I want to proceed diploma education and I need your support

  42. niyonzima Emmanuel says:

    hello ! just I’m waiting to study in your university in case of scholarship but the family hasn’t money to pay even that why I’m waiting you in order to help me I wait you wonderful answer

  43. Encho Juliet Ameh says:

    I am an undergraduate in catholic university of Buea Cameroon, I will be very greatful if am given a scholarship to further my studies out of Cameroon.

  44. Rachael Nakusi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Am rachael Nakusi and i have a bachelor,s degree in social work and social administration but I would love to be sponsored for further studies in bachelor,s in law

  45. doughlas makori mogire says:

    am Douglas ,i wish to continue with my degree in procurement ,so am asking for help

  46. Obeng Eric says:

    I am a diploma holder in basic education and very grateful if you could offer me a scholarship to further my education outside my country. Thank you.

  47. fanuel mchenga says:

    Am fanuel mchenga from malawi lneed ahelp to persue my degree in public health , please offer me an opportunity to persue my studies , lwill be looking forward for an assistance, thanks.

  48. Neo Thipanyane says:

    I need the scholarship for Masters degree in tourism management.

  49. atembe says:

    hello am Gideon wish apply for a scholarship.have LLB/law and a masters 1 in law that’s common law need a scholarship

  50. leah Awino Omondi says:

    I’m Leah from Kenya I need your help to pursue my education abroad I’m studying Bachelor of education but I do not have enough fund to continued with my education

  51. Efuetlancha Atemnkeng Marcellous says:

    I’m a diploma holder in Economics and management science and I will very grateful if you could offer me a scholarship to further my master program .thanks

  52. jorem says:

    I hold a bachelor’s degree in commerce (B.COM) specializing in accounting from makerere University uganda.I would so thankful to get full scholarship for masters.
    Thank you.

  53. Tesfaye (Rev.) says:

    Hi, I am from Ethiopia and eager to enhance my studies. Indeed, financial constraint is the major issue to me. So, how could I overcome it? Thanks!

  54. okbamichaelabrhaley says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Am from eritrean .i am diploma holder in pharmacy technician i need to scholar shipe to continue my education so i hope ur support to me.am refuges in sudan know.


    Hello Sir/Madam.
    I am Mai Fabiola Mmassy, I am from Tanzania.
    I need a scholarship but I don’t have any means to support myself.
    I graduate Bachelor of Law and I would like to perceive Masters in Law.
    It’s my hope you will help me.

  56. Dileep maravi says:

    Am from jabalpurAnd I want to proceed bachlor of computer application and I need your support


  57. Dileep maravi says:

    Am from jabalpurAnd I want to proceed bachlor of computer application and I need scholarship your support


  58. Kauma Joan Brenda says:

    I am from Uganda. ..I too need a scholarship

  59. SAM G. David says:

    Hello sir/madam,I am Sam G. David from Liberia I am really interested and I hope that l will be selected.

  60. yunia Miriam awuor says:

    am Miriam yunia.I just did my final exam in high school. here in Kenya.am waiting to be enrolled in a university. I request for a scholarship abroad.to pursue my nursing career

  61. Olayinka says:

    I’m Olayinka from Nigeria, a graduate of Special Education(Deaf Education ) I need scholarship Abroad to further my study.

  62. Hmaira says:

    I am Humaira from pakistan i want to become designer and want to get scholorship for designer study for abroad.

  63. Dennis karanja ngure says:

    Am Dennis Karanja Ngure. Kenyan by nationality currently studying a diploma in medical engineering at Kenya medical training college (KMTC ) Eldoret campus. Am looking for a scholarship to study a higher degree in medical engineering in the following countries; Belgium, Scotland and USA. thanks for consideration.

  64. angosom says:

    Hey my name Angosom Gmicheal.im ethoipia & im a nurse bsc and i need update my self in msc in health & health related course if gain.

  65. BIG BASH says:

    please i need a fully funded scholarship to study in master in finance (taught) from UK, Canada, USA ,SWEDEN ,DENMARK

  66. Mugabo Godfrey says:

    hi looking forward to studying medicine in paediatrics and child health in UK or clinical epidemiology so please looking for your positive response will be grateful

  67. mensur says:

    Hi looking studing medicine neurological therapy iam waiting response

  68. Eric Amofah says:

    I hold B.s.c in applied chemistry which I need to further my education to do masters in chemistry. Due to lack of money I couldn’t so I therefore pleading for scholarship to continue my education. I come from poor background if I must say and I will be very greatful if such opportunity is granted for me.

  69. Andinda Johnson says:

    I only need need a scholarship for MBA

  70. Andinda Johnson says:

    I only need an on campus MBA scholarship

  71. Imanzi ulrich yannick says:

    Hey there!Am a Rwandan who is a highschool graduate.I studied Math Chemistry and Biology and i wish to take my education to the top that’s why am asking for an opportunity to study abroad!God bless you

  72. kagaba Denis says:

    I am a Ugandan highschool leaver(senior six vaccist)
    I studied history economics ire sub math and general paper
    I wish to take up any business course

  73. Edena says:

    how about Chemistry?

  74. havugarurema theogene says:

    I have A0 in food science and technology, I want to pursue my education but no means
    May help me to increase my level?

  75. Anthony says:

    Hi am Anthony Ocepa doing abuchelor of science in agriculture but lacking financial support to move on with my studies plize kindly need support

  76. Anthony ocepa says:

    thanks for such a wonderful offer but in need of financial support to move on with my studies am in the university doing bachelor’s of science in agriculture

  77. Winnie Mandela says:

    Good morning I just finished high school last year and I would like to study medicine but my financial status are low please can you help me get a medicine scholarship

  78. ELLA HAMWAKA says:

    Good Afternoon. i would be more than grateful to be enrolled and be considered as an undergraduate in IT and specialist in computers.

    Thank you

  79. Saara says:

    I am Saara a Namibian student who would also like to be considered for an undergraduate scholarship and I need urgent help…..Please do help me.

  80. Shad says:

    Hi, am a Zambian passport holder. Am laboratory technologist have biomedical sciences have gone up to diploma level and I would love to upgrade my qualifications in the some field but I have no resources to sponsor myself I need help in form of a scholarship. Help

  81. SANTIGIE says:

    Can u help me further my education

  82. SANTIGIE says:

    Please can you help me further my education?

  83. Brenda nafula says:

    I need help too

  84. Eugenia Ayerko Ayer-Teye says:

    please i have an offer for MSC international development and urban development at Birmingham University but I need a scholarship. please i need your assistance

  85. Michelle kagoya says:

    I would like to study a bachelor’s degree in soft ware engineering.Need help on this

  86. Hassani A Mkondo says:

    I request for diploma in bank and finance can you help me?

  87. Niyonngabo pacifique says:

    I’m a Burundian, l have my bachelor degree in English language and litterature, I’ d like to get a master degree, especially in International Relations and I need financial help

  88. Niyonngabo pacifique says:

    l have BD in English Language and Litterature, I need to get MD in International Relations. I need a financial help! Thank you!

  89. Abdi Gutema Belame says:

    hello admins
    I am Abdi Gutema from Ethiopia. i am graduated in applied biology from Hawaasa university.I want to continue my study in health aspect and i am happy if you help me by addressing me the correct link to apply officially. I think this is only comment box.

  90. Michael Okiring says:

    I am Michael Okiring from Uganda requesting for support in terms of tuition. I am currently pursuing a diploma in Public management and Administration with Cambridge international college in Britain (correspondence). I need support in terms of scholarship to enable me enrol for a bachelor’s degree in same field.


    Michael Okiring

  91. BONGILE ZWANE says:


  92. Iheme Emmanuel Onyebuchi says:

    I Iheme Emmanuel Onyebuchi wish to be with you. I want to continue my education. I was told that I have been chosen. What Ana what will I do now

  93. Alex Morton says:

    Prease i need help i whant stuady Agriculture buchelar degree on line any good collage. Im from Tanzania

  94. denis cherop says:

    in an agent need of UGX1,500,000 per semester for 6sem’s to finish my degree at uganda christian university.

  95. James says:

    I wish to go further with my studies but due to financial constraints i’m stranded.#Please can you support me to finalazed my dream of completing degree in business administration or even MBA atleast full-time studies but not online program.
    Looking forward for your positive feedback

  96. Glory Mary Belli Isele says:

    I have a Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies but would like to switch to the science field from undergraduate level if given the opportunity. While waiting for a favourable reply from you,I remaine yours,


  97. Anyanwu uzondu says:

    how can I apply for the scholarship

    1. GBEGAN H. SERAPHIN says:

      I want to study in your university, but I don’t have a Financial ressources.
      Can you help me?

  98. Edward Joko .R Muludyang says:

    Hello , i am Edward Joko like to do master of science Analytical chemistry a s. Sudanese national. your affirmative respond is appreciated. Thanks

  99. Edward Joko .R Muludyang says:

    Hello, i like to pursue a master degree in Analytical chemistry . your affirmative respond is highly appreciated. Thanks

  100. Babagana mustapha says:

    i am study public administration in university of Maiduguri, fuculti of management science

  101. Shalon says:

    Hello am Shalon iteta from Rwanda
    I have diploma in business Finance, I would like to pasuit my masters in business Administration . I need your financial support if you can offer me scholarship I will be grateful. Thanks

  102. Maregeya baby Axel says:

    Hi, i am Axel from
    I have done with my high school,i would like to continue university but my parents are not able to pay for me University.If you can help with your support,i will realise my dream and i will be greateful. Thank you

  103. Clotilda .N. Claudia Harry says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.

    With Diplomas in Leadership and management abd Small Business management in Australia, , I serve in the Police Force as a Team Leader in Many Branches in Intelligence and Investigations, Operational Decision making branch, Practioner in Academy and currently still serving in Law Enforcement which my country demanded so much.

    My further dreams is to extend my further studies in Degrees in management and Leadership(Human Resources),with this skill, I can still be part of the Law Enforcement and involve in the Organisational Stragic Decision Making at the Executive level which is my Passion and with Business ( Business Psychology), I can still cope with Additional tasks demand of me to know when it comes to Business in future.

    Since these above Diplomas were acquired by me in a Dual Programme, Please I needed so Much to extend in these two field to my next level of studies in near future.

    Finally, thanks to be here and I would be very grateful should a schorlship be granted to me to further study in this fields so I could continue serving my country and people and for the benefit of my family and children as well and so things would be balanced as I dream it to be.

    Please I need a scholarship, can you help get through in achieving one.

    Kind regards,

    MS Clotilda Claudia Harry

  104. Xolelwa says:

    Hello xolelwa mayekiso here……
    Please I need this scholarship can you please help me get it coz I wanna make my dreams come true

  105. Ibsa Mohammed says:

    What I wanna say is I need this education to change others

  106. Frehiwot Tesfaye says:

    Dear, my name is Frehiwot Tesfaye from Ethiopia I want to learn master Degree by business Administration or marketing management course the credit per hour is so costly. I haven’t challenge the cost and I haven’t funding to support any sponsor but I am interesting to continue the program.

  107. Abdul Razak Yussif says:

    My name is Abdul Razak Yussif from Ghana. I pursued my undergraduate education in Commerce with specialization in accounting . Hoping and praying to get funding to for My masters programme

  108. Ngendakuriyo Elyse says:

    hello,my name is Elyse Ngendakuriyo,from Burundi. graduated in medical laboratory,please help me with scholarship.tour sincere Elyse

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