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Seeking full government scholarship

“I am not paying for that,” would be what any reasonable person would say when he had been left to foot the bill for something he clearly had not ordered, or at least would not have ordered had somebody told him the thing would cost not only an arm, but also a pair of legs. Education has become expensive. Unbearably so. And as this trend deepens, a new one is shyly emerging to indeed give it a hard time.

Online universities have sprung up on every Internet corny – glitzy or dingy. These self-styled bastions of higher learning have declared themselves the vanguard of the fight against what may be describe as silly expensive education. Online universities, together with the online college degrees they offer, have made it so that students would be able to enroll for classes without having to pick from what they should deprive themselves if they are to make both ends meet.

Meanwhile, traditional institutions of higher learning have been putting quite the fight to nip this new, and potentially dangerous trend in the bud. Scholarships have been coming a plenty. Indeed, universities have realized the need to support students more, but ironically not enough scholarships can be distributed, as the proverbial bill is, sadly, too hefty to foot.

Scholarships do have a vast and rather positive effect on those on whom they are spend though. Students of outstanding academic performance are the usual favorites who bag the much needed funds which are then used to alleviate some of the stonking financial burden that higher education has so comfortably taught itself to foist upon the unwary academic enthusiast.

Speaking of governments backing students in their efforts to study, consider the full government scholarships in the United Kingdom. In order to apply for those, students need to have 3.0 GPA as a bare minimum.

In addition they need to sit a SAT or TOEFL, or IELTS test to have legitimate evidence that they are capable of handling studies in English.

The government scholarships come with different benefits. More details are available here. A kind reminder to all applicants is that the deadline is set for 20 January, 2018. The portal offers a full list of the documents prospective applicants would need to submit.

Scholarships today give an honest shot to everyone to participate in the complicated and exorbitant process of education.

Name, grab a government scholarship in the UK

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220 thoughts on “Seeking full government scholarship”

  1. Denis Odhiambo Ochanda says:

    I need the scholarship

    1. Sunidhi Dhital says:

      Please i need schlorships. I have passed +2 with 66% . I studied in english medium. Hoping to study further with better education quality.

    2. George says:

      i need this scholarship

      1. Nayepe Amos says:

        I will be happy if my request is put into your consideration.
        Am applying for scholarship to complete my masters in Public Administration.

    3. Richard says:

      I need a scholarship. Grand in irrigation engineering, or Agriculture engineering, help me.

      Zeko Richard

    4. Emmanuel T. David says:

      Please I need a scholarship in Civil engineering.. I am a Liberian by nationality

    5. Solomon Assefa says:

      I need to scholarship

      1. Solomon Assefa says:

        I need the scholarship!

    6. Gossa Ketema says:

      Dear Sir/Madam;
      I studied BA Degree In Development Management from Ethiopian Civil Service University with cumulative GPA of 3.73 and work for government Office. I have a very deep interest to get a Masters Scholarship in Development Studies ,Development Economics or any Relevant Field Such as Project Management so that I can acquire further knowledge and skill that will help me to get prepared for a better service to the local, National , and to the international Community.

    7. Dinkesa Lamessa says:

      i need scholarship if can help me.thamk u for all.

    8. Zamaduma says:

      I am really need of this scholarship I CNT take a gab year plz

    9. Michelle says:

      I am looking for a scholarship for canbin crew

  2. Mbundu Selima says:

    I need the scholarship please

  3. Monyo Clement says:

    Please I need the scholarship but want to be educated in my country Ghana. Thank you.

  4. Lien says:

    I need the scholarship, please

  5. Ashley Chiru says:

    Please, I need the scholarship

  6. Ratemo Obed says:

    i need scholarship

    1. Adugna Chala says:

      Iam Adugna Chala from Ethiopia I have Bs Degre on building construction and I need scholarship to learn my MA so if u select me contact on my phone number below 0917454229

  7. Francisca Nyatowa says:

    Thank you for bringing this to us.so many children from various parts of the world made it so well need to study further but have no financial aid, especially those from rural settlements.l am grateful for this.God bless you.
    l also kindly ask for a scholarship.l got a place at Rhodes University to study in 2018

  8. Francisca Nyatowa says:

    Actually l need the scholarship for undergarduate to study next year.

  9. Donald Brighter Canrach says:

    I need a Scholarship to Study Postgraduate in Human Right next Yr in our Home Country Uganda.Thank

  10. Jutowo J. Dolo says:

    hi sir I am a student at Atlantic International University in Honolulu Hawaii need a scholarship to complete study .Thanks.

  11. Sihle says:

    I please this Scholarship to be in and sustained by you.Just to shine My brighter Future.

  12. wandile says:

    I need a scholarship

  13. Enesto Muzerengwa says:

    I need the scholarship. I am currently at university of Pretoria doing my PHD. I need funding to complete my academic studies

  14. Ogbuma Lucky says:

    I need a scholarship for soccer and I need help urgently… Thank you very much

  15. Tonette Tanawon says:

    Thank you for giving chance to underprivileged​ people like me, My name Tonette Tanawon, from Philippines, I want to study Accounting course but my family could not afford to send me to college. Please help me, I need a scholarship

  16. Muhindo Jonan says:

    I need a scholarship please

  17. chindikani says:

    Thank you for a accepting my request to join the group.
    Can you assit me in my home country Malawi

  18. Louisa Tiniloh says:

    Louisa writes ,I’m glad opportunities like this come up to help us have a better Education and hope for a bright future ahead of us ,sir I need the scholarship thanks.

  19. Ebrin says:

    I need scholarship please

  20. Media Kahari says:

    I really need a scholarship to pursue studies for a masters degree in Human Resources Management.

  21. Nabachwa Haawa says:

    Isalute the board.am Haawa a Ugandan kindly requesting for a grant so that I can further my education.thank you very much for this opportunity.I humbly request for it.may God bless you.

  22. Rhodah Zulu says:

    Thanks for your consideration and extended humanitarian effort to help the less prevailaged across the world.I need a scholarship,I’ve been accepted at Niagara college for international students to study palliative care.I really need scholarship to achieve my dreams.please help

  23. Naman Okuta says:

    Am Naman Okuta am kindly requesting for the scholarship to further my.studies kindly help me

  24. Naman Okuta says:

    Am.kindly requesting if
    the organization may. help me achieve my ambition of becoming a pharmacist

  25. Adelakun Oluwatoyin Roseline says:

    I need scholarship please

  26. priscilla s vanyanbah says:

    I’m kindly asking for the scholarship in other to further my education

  27. Awe Francis says:

    Please I really need scholarship

  28. Felix Nelson Akompi says:

    I am a first class honors graduate in BSc Chemistry Education and i need a scholarship for MPhil chemistry please.

  29. olungur simon says:

    i have completed my diploma in agriculture(crop science) from Bukalasa Agric.College In Uganda But Desire Scholarship For My First Degree.Any Opportunity Is Welcome.

  30. rahel says:

    I need scholarship please

  31. Awuhe Aondofa Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for such a previlage! I am from Nigeria. I have ever wanted to go university but my family could not afford it. This is my WAEC examination rerult
    English Language-B3
    Cristian Religious Studies-C4
    Litrature in English-B3
    Civic Education-B3
    Animal husbandry-C4
    I know my result is not good but please i will be greatful!

  32. kanate abass says:

    My email

  33. kanate abass says:

    Email is the best

  34. malong Anei says:

    please I need scholarship
    am from South Sudan the poorer country in the world with last educated people

  35. Addisu Abebe says:

    Hello guys, am Addisu Abebe from Ethiopia, I have BA degree in Accounting and Finance, and now I have deep interest to upgrade my study to MBA. So please grant me this golden opportunities and let me show you my capabilities.

  36. OWONG Isaac says:

    I need a ascholarship for master next year

  37. Katelo says:

    need degree scholarship please

  38. Katelo says:

    I need scholarship for degree in nutrition, please

  39. Hatsindintwari Valens says:

    hey my friend ,but in this time I finished secondary nothing I have now, what I need in this time is schoolship my family is poor l pray for any one to help me thank you, i’m serious please

  40. Rev.samuel muhindi mwaur says:

    i need to study theology,please help me ,am the pastor ,done higher diploma in theology and looking forward to do the masters.

  41. yahya ahmef says:

    I need a scholarship. I can’t speak fluently and i want to have a degree in English. Please help me. I need a scholarship in UK.

    1. yahya ahmed says:

      My name is Yahya Ahmed

  42. yahya ahmed says:

    I need a scholarship to learn and improve myself.
    I want to study ielts

  43. kebede says:

    me – 19 Oct
    l mean that if you give free
    scholarship to study masters
    degree in any business field
    and also I have BA degree in
    banking & finance. additionally
    l a financial problem to my
    education . really my mother
    teach me up to university as
    well as my father died when l
    was a child . it can be applied
    from Ethiopian. l get free
    chance in government
    university and l graduated
    from jijiga university in July 24
    2015 GC. More >

  44. saleban salad says:

    hello thank you fo giving chance to previllage people like me. Ineed scholarshipe for medicine

  45. yemisrach melaku says:

    i am happy if i can get the scholarship.

  46. Bangille Mgcina says:

    I accept the Bursary.

  47. sharon says:

    please i need full government scolarship am a needy student

  48. sharon says:

    Am sharon from kenya i need full goverment scolarship am a needy student …

  49. karungi prossy says:

    Helo am prissy karungi from uganda, I request for a scholarship I completed s.6 in 2014 and atouris course is what i need . please put mi under yo parental consideration….. My God bless you

  50. Akol Paul Makech says:

    Hello there, hope you are doing fine
    well it is pleasure to hear that threre are people who care for who those are in need of help I when astray with the world on the first i was born but i always have that believe that one day i will get a right path to my destination per now I humbled myself with all my heart seeking for a chance here i want to change my current status to a better one
    may God be with you

  51. Akol Paul Makech says:


  52. mushtak says:

    Ineed scholarshipe Postgraduate for veterinar public health

  53. Lidiya Abdisa says:

    IM Lidiya ABdisa from ETHIOPIA.a graduate by chemical Enginering.ineed scholarship to continu my ms program

  54. Lidiya Abdisa says:

    also i need to work in my feild inUSA..please how i gate

  55. Morwesi says:

    I need this scholarship

  56. Shaheid Mohamedian AbdualrahmanAhmed says:

    first of all, I would like to send my deepest regard to your valuable university ,I am truly sure this scholarship will sculpture my future progress which will assist developing
    myself and my community as well

  57. Milkisa Kumsa says:

    I need this scholarship.

  58. Fodao Bangura says:

    i’m in of a support to further my education,please help me with this scholarship do.

  59. Foday Bangura says:

    I’m In need of a Support to further my education , please i need the scholarship

  60. Langat Gideon says:

    I need scholarship pleas ……

  61. Juliana Mirioba says:

    I need scholarship please guide me

  62. Divine Ekow Forson says:

    Please I really need help by giving me a scholarship to further my education. Thank You.

  63. Bright Owusu- Mensah says:

    I need full scholarship to do my PhD in the area of Finance

  64. miheso antony says:

    am miheso i need this full government scholarship am from Kenya

  65. Akampwera. Robert says:

    Am a laboratory technician from Uganda I need that offer to further my studies

  66. sande daniel says:

    hi am sande daniel from uganda
    i have a bachelors degree in economics and i want to upgrade for a masters
    so i kindly request for your support

  67. Abau Ruth Taban says:

    I nneed this chance please help me

  68. David says:

    I’m interesting

  69. Sinenhlanhla says:

    I’ll be very grateful if i get the scholarship to study further

  70. maganga nyhama says:

    Namshukuru Mungu kwa nafasi hii

  71. Osman Sankoh says:

    Please I Need A Help To Forward My Course?By The Way Am Osman

  72. Margaret says:

    Iam once again grateful since God is giving me a testimony soon thank you for considering me …

  73. Margaret says:

    I need to complete my studies am 22yrs if given this chance i will be very greatful…iam taking business study in kenya

  74. Vijitha says:

    I am looking forward for a scholarship or grant for my studies,if anybody can help it will be a great help for my future

  75. Tia says:

    Please help me i need scholarship

  76. Tia says:

    Please help me

  77. Rono Amos says:

    i studied hospitality and tourism management at kenyatta university.and now will be grateful to further my studies abroad

  78. borisade temitope samuel says:

    please I need this scholarship so much I have been waiting for a day like this please

  79. Patience Mahambe says:

    i would be honored to have this scholarship because I worked hard at school

  80. Winfred Anyera says:

    Hello there, I would like it so much if considered for a scholarship. I finished
    highschool back in 2012 but couldn’t join any higher educational institution due to financial constraints. I’ve applied for various scholarships to no success. I would really love to finish my studies.

  81. Michele y Jackson says:

    I need this scholarship please

  82. Celmusa Dlamini says:

    I need scholarship for masters in geography,just need urgent help

  83. sarah ogero says:

    need scholarship

  84. yonas worku says:

    wow thanku for giving this chance please i need scholarship for master program in physiotherapy

  85. Davieson Magombo says:

    I need this scholarship please assist

  86. Yitbarek Tesfaye says:

    I Need Any types of field SCHOLARSHIP Please pleas specialy electrical engineering ,i from ethiopia & finish higher school

  87. feven mekonen says:

    please I really need scholarship!

  88. meron says:

    i need scholarship for master program in Economics and thank you for accepting

  89. Ismoil Sangov says:

    how to get scolarship?

  90. philbert says:

    Am Philbert from Kenya interested in masters in education but i am not financially stable please help me

  91. abdullah farman says:

    sir I need scholorship for BS engineering

  92. Abdi Noor Osman says:

    I need scholarship for b/com program please

  93. Nansereko Brenda says:

    Need scholarship masters in education please need it thax

  94. Jeremiah Ondicho Nyakaru says:

    I need this scholarship to master my career in education

  95. Okebanama Cliff Ikenna says:

    I need the scholarship. I read Chemistry Education.

  96. bashiir says:

    i want to abroad and study every things and marriage

  97. Nancy Silai says:

    iam Nancy from Kenya.i thank you for bring
    ing this to underpriviledged students like us….am currently a student at pwani university…sincerely seeking the schlorship to fund my studies in the university….thanks in advance

  98. Joseph Nyakeh Mosima says:

    I really do need this scholarship

  99. Charles Kiunyu says:

    I really appreciate for the scholarship and am really requesting for an opportunity


    I am very interested to get the free scholarship you offers for the developing country and I want to continue my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering .

    1. kala vanen angel says:

      I will be happy if i get it

  101. Hamda abdykarem says:

    Really iam very interested to get free schoolarship in technology IT

  102. Happy Phiri says:

    Hi sir I really want a free scholarship ,I have just fineshed my diploma level in agriculture so want to continue to another level please help thank you

  103. Daniel Ampah says:

    I want scholarship to move on with my education

  104. biruk ayalneh mekonnen says:

    i am from Ethiopia i have Bsc degree in civil engineering and i want to learn MSC degree corsponds to this department.

  105. Hamida Ajio says:

    Thank you for helping the needy, i am a mother who has been struggling with education. I hold a becholars degree in Business Administration. I am requesting for a scholarship to study master’s degree in Economics in 2018. If possible, please help me.

  106. Hamida Ajio says:

    I am a Ugandan. please help me achieve my dreams of getting a better job by giving me this scholarship.

    Thank you.

  107. wandera hanani says:

    am Ugandan I need scholarship for diploma in any science course

  108. Nshom Edwin Ngum says:

    I need this scholarship

  109. Sandile Nxumalo says:

    I need scholarship.please help me.

  110. Harrison Ngumbao says:

    It’s my humble appeal that I be considered for that opportunity which will enable me realize my ambition.Harrison from Kenya

  111. Goliath Munthali says:

    Let me have it also am desparate.Am admitted at Justo Mwale University to pursue Bacher of Theology with Education,am completely with nothing to pay for my education.

  112. Muhammad Shakeel says:

    I need fully funded scholarship plz help me in this regard

  113. Masango Calisile says:

    I really need the scholarship so that I can continue studying for a Bachelor’s degree in community health nursing

  114. sahara says:

    I really need the scholarship

  115. Turyamuhebwa Ritah says:

    Am admitted to Uganda institute of allied health and management sciences Mulago for a diploma in orthopaedic medicine but tutiin is being my greatest problem

  116. okbamichaelabrhaley says:

    Dear sir /madam
    My name is okbamichael abrhaley from eritrea.i realy need the scholar shipe i continue my diploma program .my dipartment is pharmacy technician so pleas help me i am refuges in sudan i have fainecial problem so i wait for ur responser can u send repley help me please i am refuges in sudan my telefone 00249901640235

  117. Brian Kiprono says:


  118. Diaa hoge says:

    I need a schoolership to study genetic engineering im realy serious in this subject,help me, thx!

  119. Fitsum says:

    Hi i am Fitsum from ethiopia .i want study in your institution in engineerining faculity.so please give me a chance..contact me

  120. Emmanuella Adwoa Tsibu says:

    Thanks for the opportunity given me to apply for a scholarship to pursue my ambition and chosen career to the degree level.
    I am currently pursuing a diploma in General Nursing at a college in Ghana.
    I come from a disciplined but a poor African home.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  121. paul says:

    thanks for your generosity and help vulnerable families

  122. Mr Ally Omary mahege says:

    Dear sir/mad ineeds for scholarship for further studies Bachelor degree in Health care management so ineeds your supporting please

  123. Solomon Assefa says:

    I need a scholarship to learn and improve myself.
    I want to study !!!

  124. Rizwan yaseen says:

    Sir I really want to avail this scholarship and i want to do engineering in your institution .Please help to avail this opportunity .Now i am student of engineering university in pakistan but i really want to studied in your institution…i hope you will help me .i will wait to avail this opportunity .thanks…

  125. Nyenaah Maxwell says:

    Actually i am not an engineering student but i really need this scholarship to further my education. i am currently an undergraduate student in K.N.U.S.T reading Bsc Biological sciences

  126. Denis Samura says:

    I need a masters scholarship in the medical field as i have a honours degree in nursing,(clinical pharmacy,MPH,E pidemiology..etc..i need financial support.i stay in Freetown,sierra leone

  127. magala dan says:

    dear sir/madam I need for scholarship for my further studies with no parents

  128. Ofe Prosper Angyiembe says:

    I need this scholarship

  129. mkhabela Ntombikayise says:

    Please I need the scholarship

  130. Tewfik surur says:

    I need this scholarship in master’s program in logistics and transport management. please help me.

  131. Muhammad Rabiu Yahaya says:

    I Muhammad Rabiu yahaya nationality of guinea requesting job that scholarship so that I can continue my education, because I am an orphan.
    Thanks you

  132. awoke abebaw abate says:

    First of for i would like to give tanks for giving this chance . my name is awoke abebaw i need your scholarship b/c it is free education and qualified education supely for learners. PLEASE Select me b/c this is my chiledhood vision to learn my MSc in GIS course by the smart and well qualified teachers. thank you very much. note that don’t forget me that i came from poor family. Thank you thank you

  133. Bala Murugan says:

    Dear sir,Madam
    I need fully funded scholarship plz help me in this regard
    by balamurugan

  134. Muhammad ikram says:

    Hi i am belong from very poor family i need scholarship in field of bs agriculture please helep me

  135. Christine Wairimu says:

    Hello. Thank you for this.
    I just completed high school and I’m interested in pursuing journalism or art. It would be wonderful if I got a scholarship in these areas.

  136. euphracia says:

    i need a scholarship in information science

  137. Christopher says:

    Hello am Christopher deogratius I have just finished my ugh school education level and I request for a scholarship in art or science I’ll be wonderful if o get.

  138. Razanajatovo Delphin Thessaloniane says:

    My name is Delphin Thessaloniane, I need a full scholarship in anthropology cultural. I’ll be wonderfull whem I’ll get it.

  139. Zachariah says:

    I need schorlaship I am a kenyan citizen

  140. Givan situma says:

    I too need a scholarship,iam a medic in kenya medical training college

  141. Maria Elisapeta Galumalemana says:

    I really need a scholarship please

  142. petros habte says:

    i need to join this opportunity to continue my masters on MBA so i hope to consider me and also i wish to help me in financial funding . thank you.

  143. Shueib says:

    i need scholarship for master program in accounting and finance plz help me for this opportunity and thank you for accepting

  144. Shueib says:

    I am somali my name shueib mohamud I need scholarship for master program in accounting and finance plz help me for this opportunity and thank you for accepting

  145. sita roat says:

    I need my scholarship.. Its to let .

  146. samuel manyang mayek says:

    my name is Samuel MANYANG mayek. I am a south Sudanese who completed high school. I am hungrily in need of scholarship. I have an interest in studying Logistics and procurement.

  147. Maria tinai says:

    Really need a scholarship

  148. Shaka Zulu says:

    I need a scholarship to study language in China,I’m a diploma holder in English and Zambian Language..your quick and positive response shall be highly appreciated for it will bring some positivity..

    1. junaid Ahmed says:

      i need scholarship for

  149. junaid Ahmed says:

    please some body help me

  150. Mustafa Osman Alawad Babiker says:

    I need this scholarship to improve myself in my country

  151. Abdulraouf says:

    I need this scholarship I study in mechanical engineering

  152. Rana says:

    plz I need scholarship in bachelor degree in travel and tourism management


  153. Aurelia says:

    hellow… am in need of scholarship. i was wishing to carry on with bachelor of insurance and risk management. please help me

  154. Sweta Rai says:

    Respected sir/madam
    I have completed my +2 level and need scholarship to study medical in abroad or in my country. So i want you to grant me scholarship .so i could complete my batchlor in medical line.i belong to a middle class family nd my family couldnot afford that much money. I m really in need of this scholarship.
    Looking for yur positive response . Thank u!!

    Sweta rai

  155. Maxamad Khadar jr says:

    I need scholarship

    I study computer system thegnolochy

  156. Evernice Makaza says:

    I need a scholarship to finish my degree in Banking and Finance at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe

  157. Gelila Woldemariam says:

    I really need opportunity to study in the university for free.please help me to get the chance

  158. mutabazi fils says:

    I am so happy to do this.I need this opportunity to continue my studies by begging help me.i am citizen of Rwanda thank you

  159. Howiie says:

    I need this scholarship because I want to go study so I can help my mother!Single mother working for 2!

  160. Thomas kumwenda says:

    I need a scholarship for bachelor of science with education

  161. DENNIS says:

    I really want this scholarship or grant
    I really want to improve my studies please help me…

  162. soresa tadesa says:

    hello I am soresa from Ethiopia.i really want this scholarship in electrical engineering.please give me this chance

  163. Samuel N.D.C. Nyondo says:

    I need an opportunity to study bachelor in civil/ water engineering….. Please help

  164. Patrick Sebwaato says:


  165. BERNGEH GILDAS says:

    I need the scholarship. GPA 3.02

  166. khadar Adam says:

    Am khadar Adam from somalia
    I need a this schoolarship,
    I only have a high school certificate,
    I hope to win this apportunity

  167. Jasmine kimenyi says:

    hello Am student Who needed a schlolarship in computer engineering /science

  168. bijiga senbata says:

    i need scholar ship u r offering

  169. bijiga senbata says:

    am from Ethiopia, am graduated in Geography and Environmental Studies from Addis Abeba University i 2010. currently am working in government office as expert.However, i want to continue my education in any environmental science. hope fully ,u r inviting me z scholar ship . thank u

    Bijiga S.

  170. Kuok Gatdet Bukjok says:

    I have got interested in your system and I really need your assistance
    I’m a refugee in Uganda

  171. Thierry Rukundo says:

    Hello, I need a scholarship you offering in business information and technology

  172. Ezeh euna says:

    I need this scholarship in accounting

  173. Grace Mala says:

    Hello I am Grace Mala from Papua New Guinea, i really need an Opportunity to complete my study in Accounting .
    Thank you

  174. Gideon davou badung says:

    Hello sir/madam
    Am Gideon Bandung from Nigeria am currently enrolled in a bachelor of science degree program in civil engineering in Ghana.
    I need the scholarship to help me further my studies am currently having a GPA of 3.8 out of 4.3
    Thank you.

  175. glory says:

    I’m glad to see such opportunities…I wish to be among the people who will get scholarship….I need it badly

  176. Brandon Osward Mazana says:

    I need the scholarship.I am a student at University of South Africa currently studying for Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

  177. teresia mwihaki wambui says:

    Am Teresia wambui mwihaki i am requesting for full scholarship in Food Science and technology degree

  178. teresia mwihaki wambui says:

    I will be grateful if am given a full scholarship to study a degree in food Science and Technology

  179. teresia mwihaki wambui says:

    Am a kenyan Teresia Wambui Mwihaki requesting for a scholarship to study food science

  180. Sinetemba Matutu says:

    I need scholarship to study law.

  181. Lindokuhle Simelane says:

    I need a schoolarship to complete my curse(electrical engineering)

  182. akinyemi oriyomi says:

    i need the scorlarship

  183. Kom kontchou danyele says:

    I need the scolarship . I m a cameroonian. Hoping to widen my skills and competence in the demain of science of education

  184. tafadzwa zakeyo says:

    i need a scholarship

  185. Samuel says:

    I need the scholarship

  186. ETSE elom Jonathan yao says:

    Hello,my name is ETSE elom jonathan yao, I am student at university of TOGO in my second years in English study, I have my baccalaureate in philosophy and letters two years ago, Please I need your help in the case of scholarship to continue my study abroad,to perform myself, please don’t forget me,
    My phone number is : +228 96 52 74 11

    1. Lynn says:

      Law scholarship??

  187. Uwiremye Donath says:

    I am Rwandan my name is Donath Uwiremye I need
    a full scholarship for master program(MBA) I have bachelor in Geography ,Environmental Management , plz help me for this opportunity
    Thank you in advance for considering me.

  188. NGABONZIZA Jean de Dieu says:

    My name is NGABONZIZA Jean de Dieu from RWANDA , so i realy need this chance

  189. Mubarak says:

    may Allah help us during 2018/19 fsb exams

  190. Mubarak says:

    may Allah help

  191. Yvetty Lungu says:

    I need a scholarship pliz help me


    Ineed fully funded scholarship in beekeeping

  193. abinet says:

    i need scholarsip please help me.

  194. Nagji says:

    Dear chairperson
    I need financial support if any scholarship is available then please help me i want to studying.

  195. Gelebo Goltomo says:

    I am Gelebo Goltomo from one of marginalized area Konso, Ethiopia. I am graduated from Addis Ababa University in Educational Management and Planning in Bachelor Degree. Hereby, I would like to inform you that , I hope your organization is in a position to support financially those who from marginalized and developing countries. So I will be part of your interest if possible. I am interested to attend Master degree in Social Work and other related fields of social science.

  196. Nkhambi Chima says:

    Our World today is fully flooded by heresies teachings of Word of God so world thirst for true teachers of word of God so i need your scholarship assistance to finish my Degree in Bible theology to be able to teach true doctrine

  197. kalanzi Abdul wahab says:

    Greetings to the management.
    I am kalanzi Abdul wahab,25yrs,a Ugandan.l finished my advanced certificate of Education in my country in 2012 with the aim of becoming a lawyer or teacher but up to now no money to apply university.so if I get a chance to finish my studies ,it will be good.+256787679425

  198. Deginet Danebo says:

    Hello am Deginet I have just finished my Bsc in Arbaminch university Ethiopia, I am student at Arbaminch university, ETHIOPIA, my forth years in GEOLOGY study, Please I need your help in the case of scholarship to continue my study abroad,to perform my self, please don’t forget me!.

  199. Daniel says:

    please help me achieve my dreams in Information Technology ,i am Dan from Kenya

  200. Jackson waweru says:

    hi, am from Kenya and I really need this scholarship to study engineering in building construction abroad so that I can gladly make the two ends meet in life.thank you

  201. Willie John says:

    I need the scholarship because I have met the GPA that was required so please email me the application form.
    Thank you

  202. IZERE Floriane says:

    I need the scholarship,please help me..I am floriane from Burundi

  203. TIMAH says:

    i wish to apply for this scholarship please walk me through.

  204. TIMAH says:

    i am from Cameroon. i am more than interested

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