Climate Scholarship

A lot has been changing these past years. Climate for starters, but also education. And in that vortex of heady change, the two have met. Let’s talk about education first. College education online and accredited online universities are on the up. They are omnipresent, they are lurking the shadowy corners of the Internet and manifesting unabashedly at every corner of the world wide web.

So much has the rise of accredited online universities worried traditional institutions of higher learning that the number of those digital counterparts will only increase to eventually overtake the University. But fret as they mat, they, this is to say traditional universities, have also answered to this call of arms. They are now rallying under the banner of scholarships. Offering them readily, a plenty and to the best performing students in the respective subject they teach.

Sure, college education online won’t see its wings clipped by the cutthroat competition stemming from the bastions of education. And it seems like neither party has much to worry about to begin with.

Accredited online universities and traditional universities target two very different group of learners.

In the case of traditional universities, these bodies will always have an appeal to those learners who want to be the top of the cream. To them, settling for an online counterpart of the proverbial Oxford, Cambridge or Stanford would be unacceptable Much in the same way online education appeals to people who have been left without other options or people who want to supplement their studies with extra-curricular activities.

Let us double back and look into the Climate Scholarship. Apart from changing education, climate has been changing as well. The scholarship will aim to bring capable scholars interested in how the climate is changing and help them in their efforts to stem disastrous change in the weather patterns around the globe.

In order to apply for the scholarship, prospective candidates must know that the offer is available to everyone who studies on a university-level.

The benefits of the scholarship boil down to considerable funding for all promising projects.

In order to apply, visit the following link: Follow the application process there and try to detail, as thoroughly as possible, your project and why it deserves funding.

Name, claim your Climate Scholarship now

The Climate Scholarship is handed out to candidates who manage to outline a detailed and promising project, so why don’t you …

187 Replies to “ Climate Scholarship”

      • As a developing country’s student , there is no part time jobs for me. If you can’t help me , I am nearly dropped out by school fees. I am now studying English Major at Monywa University as a first year student. I am really worry about my daily costs. Lacking jobs punch me. Now I really need your help to get a degree.

    • I am Melvin Browne from Liberian, this is my final year in high school; and I want this scholarship to take my education to another level.

    • Am Amanuel Aregu.i live in Ethiopia,As a developing country’s student , there is no part time jobs for me. If you can’t help me , I am now studying my first degree in haramaya University as a fiveth year student.this is my last year and am going to graduate by first degree from here. I am really worry about my daily life.. Now I really need your help to get a master degree.

    • I really appreciate me self to find this opportunity, I give to me God great thanks, so I wish to study IT or management and finance in USA so help me am orphan I passed me father in 2001 since i have 2 year and I finished my higher education, I ask for Degree to advance me study,thanks in advance.

  1. I am interseted to get scholarship related with climatic issues since, my educational back ground is the same with it.

  2. climate change is a great thing someone needs to know,and it will be a pleasure if they grant me a scholarship. thanks!

  3. I think the greatest dreams and the top goals need a help to achieve you can help me to get this scholarship.
    Thus you can hel me to transform my dreams inton real .

  4. I think the greatest dreams and the top goals need a help to achieve it. so you can help me to get this scholarship.

  5. I seriously need scholarship to complete and fully reach my dream in education to serve the world because that’s ever my ambition. Thanks in advance for offering me one.

  6. What makes me waiting such an offers!! is, being i am from devloping country, that incapable of faciliteting as such of……. if chances are looking towards me; i…….. ifnot, i hope as there is another.

  7. My name Mohamed bashir I life in Somalia I need this scholar ship its important for me to join because education is the primary source of life to get good luck +252612338006

  8. my name is David an Ugandan
    I have certificate in electrical engineering
    could I get a grant or sponsorship for further my studies to diploma

  9. My name is Mohammed Hassen from Ethiopia .i had graduated BSC dgree in applied chemistry with GPA 3.68 .Now, i very inersted to get free scolarship chance to learn master program. i need this chance more b/c i have no any possiblity to learn master .so, if i am lucky to get this chance, please help me???

  10. I am Kibor Netter and would like to be getting your information about when to apply the scholarship before dateline

  11. I am Kibor Netter and would like to be getting your information about when to apply the scholarship before dateline.

  12. I would really like to get this scholarship and study to become someone,I’m doing my final year in high school right now and would love to study mechanical technology

  13. waiting for this chance hope I will get a bursary from you guys my country is still developing it can’t raise such offers

  14. l have advance executive certificate in project management, diploma in education to. l need scholarship for further studies. DAVID AMOAKWAH.

  15. good day to u all,i had always wanted to study abroad,if given the chance,it will be a great opportunity and privilege for me.thank you

  16. Let me first a ploy for your hard work for thos scholarship program but my greatest dream and hope is study abroad to gain better so my family and coumtry can benefit fro my knowledge.thanks for your level of understanding.

  17. well first of all my name is Amadu Younda am from sierra Leone.Am here by telling you that i need this scholarship and i will do my best to have this scholarship,so everywhere i go i will happy for,because my dream will complete. please i need this scholarship.


  19. Am determined to change my country and change people through Education, help children suffering in my home town, I only need this scholarship because for now, am bloke….And I have groups to certain in Ghettos, helping me will also help me help them.

  20. Hi dear! I .m from Ethiopia, I have MA degree in Development management and i want to continue PhD in Public Administration /Development Managemet/Public Policy

  21. Am Ransford Amihere from Ghana and i need a shcolarship to futher my will be my sincere gratitude if i get this shcolarship.thank you

  22. my name is semegnew adinew from ethiopia.I have BA degree in business managment.please help me with this scholarship because I really need it.I cannot afford to pay for my studies

  23. This is a very serious issue, which needs serious attention from all walks of life. Like in my country Zambia deliberate policies have been put in place but we are kicking expertise in this area so that the whole program is well taken care of. That side I would love to express my interest in your scholarships so that when I learn I may come back and make a big difference not only in my country but the world as a whole.

  24. hello. I’m Keysha its will be a great help to get that scholarship because I have a dream of being a software engineer and I’m good at that but its painful because I have no ability to study university.

  25. hello i’ am Arnold i want your help i have applied so many times but i didn’t have a chance i finished highschool right now am planning to start a college but i don’t have money to pay for college so please i need your help thnk you

  26. I am Adem Beriso from Ethiopia. I have MSc in nanomaterial (nanophysics) and I want to study PhD in this or related fields. The opportunity to study in Ethiopia is very very very narrow and so difficult financially, so I am very happy if you help me. Thank you.

  27. Am called Ojambo Justine I have a bachelor’s degree in Education but am requesting if you can grant me a full scholarship in masters in education

  28. Am called Ojambo Justine I have a bachelor’s degree in Education but am requesting if you can grant me a full scholarship in masters in education

  29. its not a coincidence I found this program I know my dream lies here so I will gladly welcome the opportunity if um given chance

  30. Hello my name is Mohamedi im living in poor condition family in Tanzania East Africa. Im real in need of scholarship to compelete my studies. Please help me im ready to do anything in order to get this oppurtunity of Scholarship my phone no is +255625511600

  31. i really wish to get scholarship I’m already in my second year at Southern African Nazarene University in Swaziland and I do not have money to pay for my fees.

  32. Wish to get a bursary and study a Masters in environmental mental science.

    MA desertation Wil be based on climate charge on communal farming

  33. I hope that I will get that scholarship we need it we have many thinks we want to do in promoting educational and fighting the poverty in the world

  34. we hope that we will get that scholarship be blessed , we are in the poorest country where the access of to be developed are short to get it it will help us in contribute in the development of our country

  35. This gives chance to we who are born in poor Countries to make use of this Chance. i need to make Agriculture and also in Project management. Thank you for the great support.

  36. yeah very good at biology want to study medicine i can’t just wait to have a chance and have a feel of college education in Canada thank you

  37. Am Divine,a final year student,i ll realy appreciate it if am giving the scholarship opportunity to further ma studies abroad,it ll be a great privillage for my family,state,country nd society as well,am an upcoming motivational speaker,nd a counsellor at this level of acadamia,so ll lov to impact in lives as i further nd experienc life out there in abroad,nd to weigh the differences.Thank you sir/madam

  38. I am Julius. Attah Julius. Some say I am the next C. Ronaldo, Others Say I am better than that. My relatives also believe in my talent but there is no money to sponsor me. I am through with college and I plead that this Schorlaship be handed to me. So I could go and become the great footballer I am destined to be. And come back to be of service to other children out there who are facing similar fate

  39. i wish i can get this scholarship to study my dream course—-software engineering at Fonty’s university, Netherland at first degree level. I have completed my high school.

  40. I really want this scholarship because I want to help my parent in my studies and I want to achieve my biggest dream . I really want to study abroad.

  41. Good day.. Am Abdulkareem yusuf Hold Higher National Diploma in PurchAsin and Supply i wish a scholarship to further my Education both PGD n Master. Hope for betterment

  42. I am a young general practitioner and holder of a doctorate in medicine with honors distinction at the Catholic University of Graben, 2014-2015 edition. Currently, assistant lecturer at the Adventist University of Lukanga and working with university clinics Lukanga. Being a Neurosurgion is my passion, and Butembo, there is no specialist in neurosurgery. We are in a city where cranio encephalic trauma and spine disorders are the flies, which requires an adequate number of qualified staff but currently non-existent.

  43. Hello,I’m Tsion,and I’m from Ethiopia,land of man kind,I really in need of your scholarship,because of our country’s current condition I can’t attend class effectively.

  44. i will be very glad and grateful if i can be offered this scholarship, because i really need it so as to fulfill my dream.

  45. these scholarship has been my long time ambition to get
    seeing these opportunity is Like a dream come true
    I wish that you consider and help my dream to come true

  46. It’s really been my desire to learn overseas to be able to acquire new skills and ideas to help develop my county but financial aid seems to be a problem. PLEASE ME HELP i am a first yeay student about to drop out. I need a scholarship.

  47. I am Angelique I have bachelor’s degree in finance, I dreamed to get master’s degree if you help me to turn my dream into reality it will be the best of the .please I beg you

  48. Allways waiting scholarship opportunity for studing any filed given in your country in Mastre\’s degree

  49. I am a degree holder from the Valley View University of Ghana. Can you please help me do masters degree with scholarship in English Language?

  50. I am a Malawian citizen a holder of bachelor\’s degree in Accounting and Finance would you concider me scholarship to persue masters degree in English.

  51. I want to pursue Medical Laboratory Technology In the university but due to financial constrait it has become a very big problem for me to further my education.I need your help please!

  52. Hi sir/madam : I want to complete my computer study to obtained my degree but no finance, please I needs your helps for scholarship abroad for study, for any information please send it to my email or here is my contact 0775396109/0880672624. Issues on 09/04/2018

  53. HELLO DEAR, I\’m Mulat from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I need a scholarship in order to learn economics, so am wait you with hungrily

  54. I really appreciate me self to find this opportunity, I give to me God great thanks, so I wish to study reproductive health in abroad so help me I am orphan my father passed away in 1995 since i was 4 year and I finished my fisrt degree in applied Biology, I ask for MSC.
    THANKS for your accept me.

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