Free Ten out of Twenty Exam Fees with Fondation Hoffman Scholarship at University of the People

Fondation  Hoffmannis donating a generous amount of assistance for those interested applicants who want to study an online associate’s degree. This is for those interested students who can partially fund their studies. The host online university is the University of the People (UoP). The online university is a non-profit entity which is accredited by the United States Department of Education. University of the People (OuP) is the world’s first online university that has served students from 200 countries around the globe in their distance learning programs. The university has partnered with top universities and private business to give opportunities to qualified students to earn an accredited academic degree, training, materials and even employment following a graduation. The accredited online university aims at providing top notched degree to all students globally despite financial constraints and disadvantaged background.

Field of study includes Business Administration and Computer Science. Fondation  Hoffmann targets refugees and/or asylum seekers as well as degree-seeking students admitted to University of People(UoP). The online university charges a very minimal amount as processing fees for examinations and application. The student is charged a one-time $50 to cover the expenses of processing fee for application and reviewing of the application paper. UoPeople also charges $100 for the Application Processing per end-of-course examination. The fees are listed in the UoP catalog and on the official website. The Fondation Hoffman Scholarship as one of the scholarships offered in UoP will grant ten out of twenty exam processing for free towards the associate degree.

Submission of high school diploma and transcripts is a requirement. If it is impossible for an applicant to submit the required papers, certain considerations are applied. Reasons are considered including refugees status. All interested applicants must be 18 years old and above and are required to undergo the process of application to be considered for the admission in the program.

The admission is still on-going. Please take note of the application instructions below:

  • Interested students must first be admitted at the university through online application
  • Upon receiving the official notice of submission, he/ she is eligible to seek for a financial assistance from one of the many scholarships offered in the University of the Peoplelike theFondation Hoffman Scholarship.
  • Applicants with refugee and/or asylum seeking status must inform the office admissions at the start of the application process.
  • If classified as refugees and/or asylum seeker status, he/she is advised to apply for an Associate’s Degree In Computer Science And Business Administration which is sponsored by Fondation Hoffman Scholarship


Please visit the online university on their official website for more information about the programs and grants.

205 Replies to “Free Ten out of Twenty Exam Fees with Fondation Hoffman Scholarship at University of the People”

  1. Thanks for the acceptance… am glad for the chance…. OK, am trying to get my particulars requested then I will be back to you soon

  2. veuillez m’accorder cette opportunité de continuer mes études supérieures dans le but de servir le monde.

  3. Am studying Medicine and Surgery at Kampala International University in Uganda. I kindly ask for your help or connect me to some one who can help. Thanks

  4. i have been looking for scholarship for almost four two years but can’t find one , can any body help me out.

  5. Dear,Hello i am scholar ship seeker i am looking for study abroad would you send me your application form but it is ok form if it is fully funded scholar ship as aregular students…

  6. I’m a boy of 19years old.
    owusu appiah frank is my name I just completed senior high school.
    I humbly wish if this scholarship would be granted.
    I want to further my education.

  7. Hello,my name is Yvonne,I school in Kabarak University(main branch) in Kenya, I study law
    I wish to acquire scholarship to study abroad, how can you help me?

  8. i iterest to study and have schoolar in your school. now im studying veterinary medicine. If the place is available help me

  9. Why is it that scholarships for MBBS/MBChB is so hard to come by. Please I need scholarship to study medicine in South Africa, can you help me with that??
    Thank you,
    Mr. Twum

  10. lm happy & thankfull looking forward for you kind support in this program may God bless you as you continue serving His people

  11. Am studying at university of cope coast in distance education majoring in education and I need your support,I hope to get it. thank you

  12. am Marian Anozie. Am MCA(medicine counter assistant)and want to study nursing/midwifery. am interested in the scholarship but financial not stable..

  13. I Need student scholarship.em student in VIRTUL UNIVERISTY ,Em a student of Master of Commerce,I need your support, i hope to get it..

    Kindly accept my proposal.

    REGARDS: Iram

  14. my name is wubishet niguse,a
    graduate of water supply and
    environmental engineering in a
    degree program in Ethiopia. I will be
    very happy if you can inform
    me or give me opportunity on
    Masters scholarship in sanitary or
    water supply engineering.thanks

  15. Hi,
    Iam Patrick Naiyoma from Kenya I would like to study in UK since it has been my dream.
    My community still on high peak practising a lot of tradition which does not uphold education… please help.
    God bless

  16. I am interested …to study urban and regional planning in your university. I already have Bachelor degree in Urban and regional planning

  17. Im shelsia,Im 20years old.I come from Mozambique.I would like to get a scholership because there isn’t better thing than to stady.

  18. Dear all

    I Mesfin,iam interested to study more in agriculture espicailly in plant breeding and biotechnology

    With best regards


  19. hello.. I’m Joseph currently studying in maseno university and facing financial challenges leading to deferments…kindly consider. thanks in advance for cooperating

  20. Am a Ugandan, an agriculture student wishing to pursue my masters in plant breeding and biotechnology but faced with financial problem please help with a scholarship to study abroad.

  21. I thank and commend you people for this great and helpful offer you have made available to students all over the world . I am also interested in this offer

  22. I’m interested, As a a citizen of Haiti
    The resources if my family unfortunately do not allow me to pay my universities. Wishing only this financial instability will hoble my will to get my degrees and become someone important in life. I ask your services for this help wish is indispensable today.

    Hopping to hear from you soon
    Sincerely yours

  23. I am interested but is there a way I can study full time based on the same scholarship for my masters degree in law at the University of London.

  24. Am a graduate who us eager to persue my master’s degree but very financially weak.
    So getting a scholarship will makes me realized my dream.
    Thank you

  25. Am a graduate who is eager to persue my master’s degree but very financially weak.
    So getting a scholarship will makes me realized my dream.
    Thank you

  26. I AM INTERESTED IN A SCHOLARSHIP WORTH US 1,000 to pay for my Honorary Doctorate Degree which was awarded by the University of Morality in Florida . I already have a Diploma two first Degree ,A Post GRADUATE Diploma and a MBA.I was awarded this scholarship base on my academic achievements and my Church work as well as helping the poor,grateful for your help in this matter.

  27. Hi im julia but im trying to ask help for my friend she is poor and need help she have great 12 but she want to big please can u help me please

  28. Hello! My name shueib mohamud I am from Somalia , I have bachelar degree of accounting and finance, and I need master degree of accounting and finance I need to study your university , kindly I am requesting to accept my request and please
    give me this opportunity
    thanks all
    phone number ; 252615327170

  29. Hello! My name HARIF MOHAMED CHAKIR.I’m from COMOROS, I have University degree3 of Applicable Foreign Langages offre Comoros University.I need to study your university , kindly I am requesting to accept my request and please
    give me this opportunity.

    Thanks all !!!

  30. Hi

    I am happy to have this information. Let me know if you have public health study programs, if not I am interested to study BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION.

  31. Hi,
    I’m from the Solomon islands, and my name is Clotilda Claudia Harry and Im specialsing in law Enforcement and legal Affairs in relation to Justice.

    Please help me with a schorlship to fund a degree in legal studies or psychology which I really needed to extend further studies to assist me in my duties.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  32. I have a great potential to learn design abroad, if you help me to get this chance you will surprised by my work. Thank you for all.

  33. i am assen munir i have BA degree in accounting and finance and i am loooking for fully funded scolarship in regular masters program and i am kindly ask you to help me

  34. Good day, I am 44 years old. Does this opportunity apply to me as well? If so, how do I start this process. If not, what other options do I have?

    Thank you

  35. I’m very interested, but need help because of financial barrier. I’m a holder of a BBA in Accounting and finance and to MBA. Thankz.

  36. I am highly interested for Canadian University scholarship. Now i am studies at civil engineering sylhet engineering College Bangladesh.

  37. I will be so grateful if u grant me this free study since um financially unstable and my family is poor. I would like to study education as my major.

  38. I\’m a 400level student of accounting in ladoke akintola university ogbomoso too state Nigeria.pls I need this scholarship to conclude my education,i don\’t want it stop there.

  39. hi miss,hope that you will be fine and healthy .
    this is the abdulmalik .i am from Afghanistan and ia ma interested to study BBA faculty

  40. I\’m Barnadas Charles
    I wish to go for master degree in clinical microbiology and immunology so I beg your support so that I can accomplish this goal!
    Thanks in advance

  41. I am extremely great in mathematics and wish to pursue a barchelor\’s degree in actuarial science but lack funds.Please help me.Thank you.

  42. Im interested with this offer, I will be so grateful if you grant me this free study because I\’m financially unstable and my family is poor. I\’m from Tanzania

  43. You had be great by accepting me may you please do me more by financial as to help me and my poor family, actually for me to archive my degree through cake work.
    Mpapa Marunya

  44. Hi! I\’m Milério from Mozambique, I\’m interesting in doing civil engineering master degree, but I have financial problems

  45. I\’m looking for the financial sponsorship to attend on campus PhD in Livestock studies, can I get it?,
    Thank you,

  46. My name is Fatmata Binta Bah from Sierra Leone
    I want to further my studies in Business Administration MBA

  47. Thanks for the information. I personally am interested to further my studies in actuarial science.most preferred the university of Toronto Canada. If there is one,kindly concider me.

  48. Thanks for the acceptance… My name is Selamawit Birhanu from Ethiopia, I want to further my studies in environmental studies PHD, am trying to get my particulars requested then I will be back to you soon

  49. thank you for response to my request so I\’m interest to proceed my studying in China but i don\’t have finance support I\’ll be grateful if you give the opportunity with a ful scholarship in management and administration

    your faithfully

  50. I am Akintola Folake I need a scholarship to continue with my BSC in office technology and management

  51. Thanks for accepting my request,am interested in studying Agricultural Engineering, but I don’t have finance I will be grateful if I will get any support.

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