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Full Tuition Grant with $ 16,173 Living Cost Allowance: Clarendon Fund Scholarship at University of Oxford UK

Clarendon Fund Scholarships has been bringing outstanding achievers to University of Oxford since 2001. It has widened its doors since then in welcoming scholars from all over the world. By far, the scholarship scheme has empowered 1,600 scholars in achieving their academic goals. Since the University of Oxford welcomed the Clarendon scholars, the university has been attracting and acquiring the best achievers of the globe who immensely contribute to the excellent reputation of the university as a leading, research-intensive academic institution.


The long tradition in helping aspiring individuals with outstanding academic merit has originated from the generous deed of the Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1660- 1667. The Clarendon of Oxford Mr. Edward Hyde, who wrote a famous bookabout the English Civil  war of the 17th Century, generated a sum of money from the work. The profits lead the way in the construction of the Clarendon Building on Broad Street, Central Oxford. The building housed Oxford UniversityPress (OUP) which is now the largest university press in the world. The Clarendon Scholarship Fund was realized in honor of the history of the building and its links to the history of the Oxford University. Until the present time, the Oxford University Press is living the values of the past. The core source of funding for the Clarendon scholars comes from the Oxford University Press (OUP). Overtime, OUP has been playing significant role in giving support to the university in terms of research, scholarship and education.

The major scholarship scheme at the UK University of Oxford, annually offers scholarship for approximately 140 students. This is eligible to all degree- bearing courses at graduate level. This scholarship is not offered for post graduate certificate and diploma courses.  This is open to all students including international students. Clarendon scholarship will cover full tuition and college fees. Full time courses scholars will receive a generous amount of at least $ 16,173 for living costs for 2017-18. Study support grant will be offered to scholars on a part-time course for their non- fee costs. The scholarship grant is offered for the full period which is to pay tuition fees to the university for the whole length of the scholar’s course.


The student grant is tenable in all subject areas. Student applicants from all around worldwho meets the selection criteria are welcome. Selection of Clarendon scholars is mainly on the basis of outstanding academic merit.  This is also open for applicants who apply for a new master’s or DPhil course by January admissions who will automatically be considered Clarendon scholars upon acceptance. Interested applicants must apply on January 8 or 19 to be considered. Further instructions in applying for the Clarendon Fund Scholarship Grant can be found by clicking http://www.clarendon.ox.ac.uk/.

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  1. alex osman says:

    Wish to be part of you.


      Hi. I am LYDIA CHEROTICH KIPCHUMBA. I am a kenyan.I pursued my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. I would like to further my studies at your institution. Kindly consider my request.

      1. LEERON says:

        biggest dream ever is to continue with furthering my education in any university. i am under AS graduate schooling at COM wishing to graduate within two years after. MY name is LEERON OBED.

    2. BEDA MWALE says:

      am a two year DBA student with Binary University in
      Malaysia desperately looking for a scholarship that
      enable me complete the programme in 2020.
      Thank you

      1. Azmat hussain says:

        Good God bless you dear

    3. Bukenya Peter says:

      I am Bukenya Peter ,am a Ugandan I wish to continue my studies to be an Automotive electrician at your institute but mi family can’t afford the tuition for my course . May you consider my request please and offer a scholarship

    4. Samar manzoor says:

      I want to be a part of this

    5. MUNJI Precilia BUCHUE says:

      Hello, i am a cameroonian by nationality, and a holder of a bachelor Degree in accounting and i wish to further my studies in your institution for a master programme for a free tuition fees. I will be grateful, if my request is granted

      MUNJI Precilia BUCHUE

    6. Adole Jennifer Ene says:

      I will be soo happy if am granted the scholarship,I wish to further my education in Uk.please consider my request

    7. Tassew Arega says:

      this idea is very important ,so i wish to be part of you.

      1. Tassew Arega says:

        Field selection ( environment engineer/health, chemical engineer and these related field) present in this university is very attractable to me. thank for you sponsor and idea.

        1. Tassew Arega says:

          now graduated in applied chemistry (BSC)degree program and assistant researcher in Ethiopia public health institute. i need your help. thanks

    8. Komujuni patience irene says:

      Wish to be part of you

    9. Uwimana Marie Josee says:

      Am Uwimana Marie Josee from Rwanda.it will be wonderful to get your support for continuering my studies.I really thank you

    10. Lawson Chishimba says:


    11. Daniel Quansah says:

      Im a Ghanaian by nationality
      I want to be part of this scholarship

  2. Kazeem Alamu says:

    I bagged HND in Statistics (Upper Credit Division), BSC in Mathematics (2nd Class Upper Division).
    I am proposing to do my Master in Economics (Development Economics). I am completely orphan of resources. I need your help.

    1. Atsoleke Mildred nkemafor says:

      I want to study medical sciences.

  3. abdikadir says:

    wht if i don’t have any money

  4. damtie andualem says:

    am damtie andualem ,am gratuated in electrical engineering stream of electronics and communication engineering .if got this opportunoty.i would applay our university to study electrical engineering in master program, thanks to give this chance

  5. damtie andualem says:

    electrical engineering

    1. Siseko says:

      Same as me I’m Siseko Hopewell Bixi from South Africa I need a scholarship to start my journey to achieve my goals

    2. Kanwal Yawar says:

      I want to study in your institution. I studied b.com and further apply for scholarship for accounts and finance study program in your institution.

  6. Bashir Muhammad Sani says:

    Great job.

  7. Bashir Muhammad Sani says:

    You are really doing great job.

  8. Francisca Nyatowa says:

    I got a place at Rhodes University in SOUTH Africa .please help with some financial aid. I am supposed to start in 2018.

    1. Djampa Cecilia says:

      Wish to ne there with you guys

  9. Laytopoe L. Dahn says:

    I am a self supported student reading Information Technology (IT) at Starz College of Science and Technology in Liberia .
    Please help me stayed in school by giving me a financial aid.
    I will be grateful if I am given such opportunity to stay in school.
    Thanks for your usually understanding .
    Kind regard,

    1. Sadiki says:

      I’m Sadiki from Tanzania I have a Bachelor of Science with Education, I would like to do my Master degree in your institution, so please help me to get a scolarship

  10. Gadisa says:

    how to learing degre

  11. Adedeji Rasaq Olasunkanmi says:

    Department of Biomedical Engineering,
    Kwara State College of Health Technology, P.M.B 430, Offa.
    Dear Sir/Ma,
    please, the above named department need international Aid/Grant, to be able to train the students. we need Books on above profession, Equipment/devices/Tools to set up workshop and Laboratory. any assistance or information necessary, furnish me through my mail or corespondent above. I am Head of Department

  12. DI RHABY TIFUH says:

    I have HND in Nursing ( lower credit) . I am proposing to do my bachelor of science in nursing . I am completely ophan of resources. Please I need your help.

  13. Musoke lsmail says:

    No nursing courses to be sponsored fully coz am anurse and l want to upgrade

  14. helena says:

    iam interested please help me out with this opportunity

  15. William Obuamah Okine says:

    Please award me a grant to further degree I Human Resource Management, I am an orphan from a very stunted home. Looking forward for your response Thank you

  16. David Ntemi says:

    I’m David Ntemi from Tanzania I’m interested to study ma post graduate in forest but I need your assistance in my study or scholarship to persue me study

  17. David Ntemi says:

    Its a good idea to start this room for comments concerning different field of study its opportunity for us to share idea is

  18. Iheka Samuel says:

    Please I also need help

  19. Iheka Samuel says:

    I need to start my Ph.D by Oct 2019 and I really need your help..

  20. Andrew Wasi says:

    I wish this scholarship grant aid happens to support me with my studies

  21. Lawson Izidor says:

    I will highly appreciate you, sir/madam if I get your scholarship to study abroad. thank you and God bless you.

  22. Darkollie Sylvester Jallah says:

    I am such of a scholarship in international relations. Please help me out.

  23. Darkollie Sylvester Jallah says:

    I am in such of a scholarship in international relations or public policy. Please help me out. I’m from Liberia, in West Africa. I have a BA degree in political science.

  24. Stanley Tanwani says:

    I have been looking for this opportunity for quite some time now. The reason why I am on need of this scholarship is because I am unable pay my fees in any universities and I am not working. I will be great full if my application is granted. Thanks.

  25. Tolulope Olatoki says:

    I am privileged to see this. I have a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy. Would want to know if this platform offers scholarship for masters students.

  26. Gloria Anafo says:

    Am Gloria and I want to study Accounting but I don’t have the money to finance my education. I would be very glad if I get the opportunity to school there

  27. ranganai mabuda says:

    I am looking for a scholarship to study medical sciences. I have a certificate in Medical Laboratory Technician

  28. chako gatliah says:

    am really in need of scholarship,am south Sudan.

  29. Abukakar Yusuf says:

    Sir i need ur help please

  30. Mariam De Beer says:

    Hi , if I get your scholarship , I would be the happiest person alive , I really wanna study hospitality because Im in love with it and i wanna have a better , I been through so much , I need help .

  31. Edward says:

    It’s a good idea

  32. Felix says:

    Its heartwarming to know that you are offering financial aids to students who are in dear need for support. I wish to further my Dental carreer or profession in the UK if granted the financial assistance. I really need your help. Thanks in anticipation.

  33. Ebia Obinna Alexander says:

    Am Obinna Alexander Ebia. From Ebonyi state of Nigeria, but living in Abia state of Nigeria. I was born in Nigeria, July 2nd,1996(21 years). I graduated from High school in 2014, and I want to go to aviation institution and study as a Pilot, because it has always been my dream. Since then I have been hustling to see if I will get some money to achieve my goal as a Pilot,but noting comes out. Please I need a sponsor. Thanks for your Attention….

  34. kellie jennie says:

    Travelling to Australia to school has always been my dream…if u guys could pick me I would be so happy & Greatful…but all things is Up to God…if u would pick me or not
    Thanks u…
    From Kellie

  35. Ketisha Frank says:

    Earning a degree is my dream, and if I’m fortunate enough to be given that opportunity I would make the best use of it.

  36. Nangamso vezi says:

    I would like to get a scholarship for 2018 as my father wont afford my fees

  37. Tegegne Kebede says:

    I am looking for MSc in climate change and related fields .thank u.

  38. Yusuf Mmadi says:

    Hie ,,,I am Yusuf Mmadi from Malawi,,,, iam interested to study degree in chemical engineering on your institution ,,,,,please tell me how I can access this opportunity,,,, iam poor in finances that’s why I really need your assistance

  39. Bangille Mgcina says:

    I claim the Bursary

  40. Fadzai Musonza N T says:

    I’m Fadzai Musonza I’m from Zimbabwe And I’m in need of a scholarship I want to study Chartered Accountancy Program for my first year of University I will be sincerely grateful if you consider me

  41. Benard Rotich says:

    Iam proceeding students studying physic and chemistry please aid my studies.

  42. Muleta Diriba says:

    I am Muleta Diriba. I am graduated from Haramaya university in civil Engineering. I am looking for MSc in Safety & accident minimization in all types of construction. In addition, your response & help is highly awaited. Thank u!

  43. Samuel Kitesa says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I want to be part of this scholarship….. Yours sincerely

  44. Abdoul Aziz Badjie says:

    I am a student who just graduate from high school and I’m about to go to the university but father has passed away and my mum is my only support, she is old to be working now so my brother is the only one one helping now .. I want to study business management or Economics… Am Abdoul Aziz from the Gambia

  45. Nyeko Geoffrey okello says:

    Hi am Nyeko Geoffrey okello from Northern Uganda l would like study but am financially down because challenges so requesting you to consider me as eligible student because am ready to learn and transform the community


    Dear sir /Madam i have B.A.degree in ISLAMIC CULTURE and i want to further my education so i will be very glad if i get your scholarship to further my education thank you.

  47. Djampa Cecilia says:

    Please orientate me more

  48. Winnie says:

    Am Winnie, in Uganda am a 3rd year law student. I would you to assist me with financial support so that I can pay tuition for the remaining one year and one semester. My mum is not financially well.

  49. Ahmed says:

    My name is Ahmed Abdirahman from Somalia, Hargeisa .
    I want to take up a Public Policy, International Studies or Economics and Business for FREE in China as a graduate international student.
    I want to apply for educational grant hope i will be the one to be selected..


  50. Souley says:

    Bonjour chers Monsieur. Je me nomme Souley Youssouf étudiant en cours d’étude du premier cycle et précisément en deuxième de Physique chimie. Je sollicite votre aide pour l’obtention d’une bourse d’étude entièrement financée pour pouvoir poursuivre mes études car j’ai des problèmes financiers. Merci!

  51. Yadeta Hambissa says:

    I’ve worked my MA in TEFL. I’m Ethiopian. I Want to further my study in political science!

  52. Mohamed S. Barrie says:

    Never entered university before, but planning to enroll this academic year. I have got not much income to finance myself, so I please need an assistance.

  53. kalenzi denis says:

    l will be glad if am given ascholarship to pursue a master’s in finance or any management related course ,am a quick learner n can adopt to the given learning institution.

  54. Arega Teshome says:

    My name is Arega Teshome, I’m graduated from Ethiopia university in water resources and irrigation engineering(Bsc.). Now I need to apply for masters degree program in hydraulics.if I have got this opportunity. I hope you emailed me soon.

    Best Regards: Arega Teshome

  55. kelvin kalenga says:

    i want to study full time at your university,hope you will help me fulfill my ambition, dream bachelors degree

  56. RHODA MOORE says:

    I am Rhoda Moore, earn barchelor’s in Public Health, and want to do my Master’s but no money. Please i request for scholarship in your Institution, i pray to be accepted thanks!

  57. Nwankwo Loveth says:

    My name is Loveth Nwankwo, age 17 and an undergraduate with an interest to study chemical engineering. I would love to be part of this scholarship and would wish for u to accept me please.

  58. Temechambi Rosten says:

    My name is Temechambi Rosten from cameroon, à BA graduate in philosophy and i Will like to further my masters programme in your institution.


    I take this opportunity first to thank Almighty God for your response towards my inquiry. Please let me know if you offer THEOLOGICAL SCHOLARSHIPS. Also confirm whether they can be done ONLINE.Kindly brief me whether SINGAPORE BIBLE COLLEGE is among the colleges that you sponsor their students.Thanks God bless you abundantly.

  60. Drajea Helen says:

    Completed Bachelor Nursing science. Hoped to begin Master in Public Health on scholarship

  61. augusto araniego says:

    first thanks to allmighty god. this could be a great opportunity for me i need more education if ive been chosen as one. i need more education to share to the world through knowlege and wisdom to make the world a better place to live.

  62. Rogers Maukha says:

    kindly wish to be sponsored in the field of business studies. regards

  63. Jackline chelangat ngetich says:

    Would like to further my studies at the unirvisity of Oxford after my undergraduate course

  64. Giyon says:

    I wish to study business fully sponserd.

  65. Ruth Daniel says:

    I wish to study economic

  66. Ruth Daniel says:

    how I wish to study economic

  67. Goliath Munthali says:

    how i wish to study law!!!

  68. Abebe Biru says:

    Thank you for the news that I have received. And I am interested to ;earn.

  69. George mutabari Daniel says:

    You are great your work can never be paid but just appreciation. Thanks a lot. I am from Kenya and would wish to be part of you

  70. tiago esteves says:

    have a scholarship is something that most of the people who likes study hard desire alot…. I want to get one too….

  71. Dominic Bikale says:

    I am Dominic Bikale From Zambia, i pursued a diploma in journalism. I am therefore looking for an institution to further my studies. please consider my request.
    Kind regards

  72. Kevin Otieno says:

    Hi I’m Kevin Otieno from Kenya want to persue degree in land surveying with you,kindly assist.

  73. Brendan says:

    I m Brendan Kandjii from namibia and I want to pursue a degree in architecture. Can you please assist

  74. Oyoo Peter Okello says:

    Am Oyoo Peter Okello from Uganda. I have a bachelor degree in Quantitative Economics. It is a good job to support unable people to become able and succeed in life via academic . i have the capability but opportunity is denied by poverty. I want to study MBA

  75. Babra says:

    hi, I’m Babra from Uganda, I finished highschool last year but my mum has no money for me to continue to university, she is struggling to educate my little siblings such that they can also reach some where. I’m looking for a schoolarship to study from abroad such that I can support my family and other people in need, thanks you!

  76. Kenneth Effah says:

    Help therefore I need in education. Payment of school fees. Ghanaian I’m. Thanks you

  77. Yohane Mhanga says:

    I request to come and do my Bachelor of pharmacy in 2020.now l m taking diploma of pharmacy at Rucu in Tanzania.I thank if my request will be taken into according

  78. kabanda ivan says:

    i am kabanda ivan here in uganda.i have a great desire to explore,understand so as to predict nature.i need more education to play a part.please help me get this chance.

  79. Jackson geofrey sanga says:

    I’m jackson geofrey sanga I would like to join into your institution for academic year 2017-2018 for bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. I completed an advanced level in may 2017 please consider my request

  80. cabdi mohamed tahir says:

    i am abdi mohamed i graduted diploma water supply construction and supervion Engineer
    i would like to consider me for you scholarship aportunity Burseries

  81. Diane Atekhwa says:

    Oxford has always been my dream unversity,,,,,I am Kenyan and would like to study commercial piloting after my private piloting in Oxford Aviation College. This scholarship grant will help me alot.

  82. mel says:

    i’m mel please i would like to continue my study in your insitution my family is not able to offer me this opportunity! would like to offer me a full scholarship!

  83. Nomathamsanqa Mfundisi says:

    I’m doing a second Bcomm Accounting, and next year it will be my third year.I would like to consider me for you scholarship opportunity Bursaries.

  84. manirakiza Jean Thierry says:

    Hi i’m john thierry from Burundi in Africa i need a scholarschip to continue university . pleasa help me

  85. Pontso Raboko says:

    Hi.. I really want to further my studies and need a full scholarship. I have Bed degree from the National University of Lesotho.

  86. Makgauta Nale says:

    Hey, am doing grade 12 this year and I have been accepted to the independent institute of education at VARSITY college

    But my mom can’t afford to pay me fees and I don’t qualify for student loan because she is not working

  87. shukuru ngabo says:

    Hi i’m shukuru ngabo from Rwanda in Africa i need a scholarschip to continue university . pleasa help me

  88. lyndelle princess nyoni says:

    helo im lyndelle from zimbabwe would need assistance to go for my university k realy need this schorlaship

  89. juweeriyo says:

    I’m intersted canada i hope help

  90. Matanda Nkhoma says:

    I will really appreciate if u assist me with a scholarship

  91. wolde gemechu says:

    I am eager to learn in china if you are willing to support in all funding matter for tuition fee,transportation and social life expenses.

  92. Meti desalegn says:

    Dear madam my name is meti Desalegn, I need scholar ship please help me

  93. paul says:

    I would like to study Bachelor in petroleum engineering in China I would love if you provide financial aid for ne

  94. Musa lefagana says:

    I need ur scholarship for my m.sc in oil and gas accounting/management please

  95. Rose Nkiroe says:

    hi am Rose, i request to come to do my bachelor in occupational therapy 2018,september,am now in kmtc Nairobi Kenya, a third year taking diploma in occupational therapy ,from humble background with only mum who is peasant farmer.

  96. Emmanuel Selassie Kulai says:

    Emmanuel Selassie Kulai is my name please, i will be much grateful if I’m offered a scholarship to pursue masters degree in Fashion Technology at this august university.

  97. Esther Tembo says:

    Esther Tembo is my name, I will be much grateful if I’m offered a scholarship in pursue nursing at this coming year

  98. tattered yousif says:

    lm tayseer from Sudan lwant study engineering communication
    please help me

  99. Isaiah T . Marnweh says:

    Hello, I am a Liberian and I live in Liberia. I am really in need of this scholarship so that I can forward my application

  100. Esayas Temesgen says:

    i need your helps to get this great opportunities .

  101. Abu bakarr hassan bangura says:

    Good morning my good people
    Am Abu Bakarr Bangura from Sierra Leone
    I want to fuward my education .
    Please help me how to Apply

  102. alem tedla says:

    l am alem from Ethiopia, i have bachelor’s degree in information system and now i want to enlarge myself with education. its my wish to become educated and influential women. i would love to consider my request.
    Thank you!

  103. Tloubatla Lebogang Angeline says:

    I want to study business management hope you will help by offering me a scholarship
    Thank you


    I am ADDAI from Ghana and i wish to continue my education in your esteem institution.I currently hold a BA in Environment and Resource Management. Hope you help me by offering me a scholarship.
    Thank you

  105. Okello Emmanuel says:

    I want also yo join the grate university. Of oxford in the united states

  106. Beatrice Mintah says:

    Hello please My name is Beatrice Mintah. I am a Ghanaian. I had my first degree in English and I want to do my masters in English. Please consider my request. Thank you.

  107. Bwalya Leticia says:

    OMG, i think is my opportunity that i has come for me to purse a bachelor’s degree in ICT. And i have the confidence in Jesus name that you are going to award me with this scholarship starting from my visa because i am telling you the truth i can’t manage to organise everything for my flight because i am a orphan and i have no one to help but you people . Thanks for awarding me this scholarship in advance..

  108. Dennis mbuya says:

    am dennis mbuya a kenyan nationality…. i wound like to further my studies but my family can’t afford to fund my studies….. consider my request please i would like to persue adegree in food and beverage production.

  109. Dennis mbuya says:

    am a kenyan nationality i would like to persue a course in food and beverage production and my family can’t afford to Carter for my studies please consider my request please

  110. Jean Claude MUTUYIMANA says:

    I’m Rwandan ,I wish to study administration office and management ,so I would like to request for a scholarship to fulfill my degree. thanks

  111. Tumu Jeetendra Boedor says:

    Hi, I am. Tumu Jeetendra Boedor I would love to study IT. I had been longing for a scholarship.

  112. kofi caleb says:

    Caleb kofi 21 pursing bachelor in computer science my dream has been to futher my studies and with grantfunds am sure i will go places

  113. Alma kadar says:

    Hello my name Alma kadar from Somalia . My dream has been further my studies and with grant funds and am sure I will go place . Thank you..

  114. HERMELA ASNAKE says:

    hey my name is hermela asnake am from ethiopia and i always wants to study in international schools and with grant funds am sure i will go place. Thank you.

  115. Morris says:

    I’m Morris Maposa from Zimbabwe, I’ll be grateful if you help me.

  116. Rajath says:

    Can any other clg student get scholarship

  117. Rajath says:

    Can any other clg student get scholarship?

  118. Nakazibwe Racheal says:

    Am Rachel from Uganda, i really need this chance to continue with a bachelor in civil engineering at university, will be glad to be granted this opportunity.

    1. Quaye Francis says:

      Please I Will be happy fo your help. Thank you.

  119. carren says:

    I will be grateful if i can be given this scholarship to persu my masters in laboratory technology

  120. bwiso Michael says:

    Am bwiso Michael so desperate of undertaking masters degree in business administration. I will be grateful if granted this chance

  121. Faith says:

    Am still a student and want to pursue further and I don’t have funds for my tuition fees.
    I will be happy if u help me.

  122. Yahya Mubarak imonikhe says:

    I’m Mubarak from Nigeria and I’m pursuing my undergraduate degree but I don’t have the necessary fees. Kindly help me.

  123. Eliphazi Stephen says:

    even me senior, 6 bt i ve financial i would like be supponsored am from uganda X-tian

  124. Kinalwa Brian says:

    Am kinalwa Brian.. am a Ugandan and pursuing ma form six.. I would like to do Civil engineering.. I would like to be sponsored..

  125. Muhammed Saidy says:

    I am a student in my last year at Nusrat senior secondary school, The Gambia.It has been a great concerned to me to study chemistry at an higher level but due to financial distraction am really being little push back of the aim.I wkl be very much delighted and eager to have been given this opportunity to study abroad.
    Thank you.

  126. James Kalawo says:

    Am james kalawo i completed my grade twelve in 2015 up to date not yet gone to school because of luck of support in my education please help me am from a poor family so your consideration of application will be highly appreciated

  127. James Kalawo says:

    Am James Kalawo asking for support in my education please help me am from a poor family and i completed my grade twelve in 2015 up to date not yet gone to school because of luck of support in my education please help me. Your consideration of my application will be highly appreciated.

  128. James Kalawo says:

    I want to study business management and finance but the problem financial. will you help me thank you

  129. Benaya says:

    My name is benaya I’m Tanzanian I would like to apply for this opportunity so as to get more skills for saving my society, country as well as. my world too. So please I need your attention please so I can accomplish my goals. Diploma of MEDICAL Assistant,Thank you for your attention.

  130. Dandamaina srikanth says:

    I’m srikanth i want to study btech in undergraduate i have some financial problems.so please help me .Thank you

  131. akurut ketty says:

    hello my name is ketty akurut i would love to enroll for undergraduat thou am finacially down i would appreciate to hear from you

  132. Magaisa Olaya Tadeous says:

    Hie, currently i am doing a diploma in information Technology at Mutare polytechnic Zimbabwe , may you please assist me in getting a fully funded scholarship

  133. John Baffoe says:

    I have degree in BASIC EDUCATION from University of Education, Winnebago and OK want to study any education related course as my post graduate course


    Hello, i am a cameroonian by nationality, and a holder of an HND in logistics and transport management i wish to further my studies in your institution for a bachelor degree program for a free tuition fees. I will be grateful, if my request is granted

  135. Wcb Wasadi says:

    Please i plead with you guys to consider me too. I would like to persue my cource of Electrical Engeneering. Please cinceder me.
    Thank you

  136. Meinrad Laurent says:

    I would like to ask for financial assistance to pursue my master’s degree in Education

  137. Tsion Temesgen says:

    Hi, I will graduate 12 grade in June2019, I want to study BSC in Architecture in your university, please consider me. Thank you

  138. MOHAMEDI says:

    I will like to ask for financial assistance to get a degree of Business Adminstration in any University im orphanage from East africa Tanzania

  139. Lynette Marange says:

    I’m Lynette Marange just finished my A level in 2017 and wish to continue with my studies. I am Zimbabwean and looking for your assistance to achieve my dreams .Thank you in advance

  140. Jacob Atem Dut Aleu says:

    I am Glad to told you that, I’m in need of full fund scholarship
    I am Jacob Atem from south Sudan having a secondary school certificate and want to upgrade it to university degree

  141. Denis Ssenkabirwa says:

    Hey, i am Denis Ssenkabirwa from Uganda. I here by request for a scholarship to pursue a masters degree in chemistry abroad. For any assistance granted, i will be greatful.May the Almighty God bless u.

  142. Đevwa's Çage says:

    I am Dawit I am Ethiopian and I am looking for a school that can give me fully funded scholarship. I would be glad to get the scholarship from you.
    Dawit Teshome

  143. Nteziyaremye Michael says:

    This is wonderful, but it will be better when the requested students become sponsored, thanks

  144. Benson Kioko says:

    hi am Benson Kioko from Kenya am really in need of finance to step in university for the last 5 years have tried but in vain …am totally confused please help. I scored B- but it is hard to see the gates of university without money.

  145. Benson Kioko says:

    My desire is to education for secondary schools

  146. Emmanuel Deng Thalang says:

    Hi ! Call me Emmanuel Deng Thalang from South Sudan, i really need your support to join university.

  147. murerwa doreeen says:

    my name is Murerwa Doreen a Rwandan by nationality please reach me on +250784621866 i really need this scholarship

  148. Adam says:

    It my desire to become a student of this excellent university. Because of economical situation, please consider me for a masters in civil engineering. Financially incapacitated .
    Adam Muhammad, hope you will give me this opportunity

  149. Osuji Jennifer Ngozi says:

    I am Osuji Jennifer Ngozi, presently a final year student of business administration. I love to study for masters degree in your institute. Please consider my request. Thanks in anticipation! God bless you more.

  150. Nuwasiima Adrian says:

    I Am Adrian Nuwasiima a ugandan wish to study civil engineering at ur campus thank you

  151. Mutabazi fils says:

    it will be wonderful to get your support for continuering my studies

  152. Chinwe says:

    I will like to access the scholarship opportunity

  153. Michael Karimbika says:

    I am Michael Karimbika I am an undergraduate and would like to get a scholarship to further my education

  154. Turyashaba elicard says:

    Am elicard I want to upgrade to masters degree but I don’t have tuition so scholarship is important to me so some help thanks

  155. Aisha says:

    hi, I from Somalia,I’m girl my age 18yrs old, I finished secondary in last year ,I can’t fee of university, I request for this scholarship, please help me to get my goal and success my dream I want to be doctor.

  156. osagie osaro paul says:

    I am a graduate of science laboratory technology (chemistry) with higher national diploma. I want to further my studies in organic chemistry and I need scholarship.

  157. peter fraser says:


  158. mutsawashe dzveta says:

    My name is Blessing Dzveta im a Zimbabwean i would wish to study medicine i want to become a doctor but i cant afford the money please help

  159. Ojo Feranmi Enoch says:

    I wish to be part of you

  160. Diana Chikampa says:

    Am Diana Chikampa, I wish to be awarded a scholarship so that I can study medicine but my mother has got no money to sponsor me

  161. Thabo Jantjies says:

    I am going to study BSs majoring in mathematics and physics.My dreams would come true if only I could receive funding.My mother is unemployed.Please respobd to my reguest.

  162. Kumba Bridget conteh says:

    Hello am Bridget from Sierra Leone,and I may like to apply for this scholarship to study nursing.My father that was paying my fees is late and I have no one to help me to pay for my bachelor in nursing,wish I will be given this opportunity to pursue my dreams

  163. usman yusuf says:

    I wish to my dream to comes true by having this scholarship thanks sir for this opportunity.

  164. Bright Walter Mudzitiri says:

    I am in need of a scholarship to obtain an undergraduate degree my family failed because of cash shortages.Scholarship is the only thing which can provide financial aid.

  165. Tamba kenmogne says:

    Hi! My name is tamba ,i’m from cameroon at 3rd year mecanical engineering,and i wish to obtain this scholarship so as to further my formation .kindly receive my greetings.

  166. Godwin says:

    I surely need help with Tropical Infection Medicine PhD Course at Mahidol

  167. Ndirowei Tinos Melvin Laird says:

    Thank you so much for accepting and chosing me to be a beneficiary

  168. ALABI ELISHA says:

    Yes, I’m from Nigeria, i wish to get the scholarship.

  169. Nkosilomusa Mpala says:

    I’m Nkosilomusa Mpala currently in Zimbabwe and zimbabwean as of nationality.I would like to pursue my career in your university.Thank you

  170. Nkosilomusa Mpala says:

    I really wish to get a scholarship


    I’m Damilare Bamidele,a citizen of Nigeria need a scholarship to pursue my Masters and PhD in Agricultural Extension in your institution..! I’ll be glad if my plea is considered..!
    Thanks in anticipation..!

  172. Abubakar umar says:

    I am abubakar umar by name and i was finish my N.C.E and i want to procced in your institution, i hope my request will be concidered.

  173. sanele says:

    I need this


    hallow, am also in UGANDA, may I be granted this chance to show up my efforts please. consider my request please,,

  175. DUSABE Jean Damascene says:

    I would like to thank you a lot for opening this scholarship.
    Iam DUSABE Jean Damascene from Rwanda, after ending my high school I didn’t get opportunity to join Un

    iversity because of financial problems. my family can not afford to
    fund me in University . and I got a partial scholarship in India but I can’t go there because of funds.
    please I need your help.
    Thank you.

  176. DUSABE Jean Damascene says:

    I really need that scholarship because my family can not afford yo fund me anywhere.
    Thank you.

  177. Abah Emmanuel says:

    I am a graduate of guidance and counseling from university of Abuja, Nigeria.pls help me with financial aid to continue my post graduate programs .thanks in anticipation.

  178. Opolot Emmanuel says:

    Emmanuel opolot a Ugandan wish to continue with masters degree in education in the USA by 2020

  179. Peter Mwangi says:

    Am Peter Mwangi from Kenya and I will be glad if I get scholarship to study Bachelor of Economics in University of Oxford, please help me to access the scholarship.Thank you.

  180. Delroy Williams says:

    I am interested in a Masters in Counselling Psychology Scholarship.

  181. Shume Dore Haga says:

    Glad to hear about enrollment opportunity, I have been tryed many years but still no disapontment, hope I will achive one day. Shume from Ethiopia

    1. Shume Dore Haga says:

      Currently I am studding counseling psychology in Masters Degree with remaining few courses. I prefer leadership studies in your institution.

  182. ssebina jerivansio says:

    am ssebina jerivansio i have a certificate in electrical installation but i need to further my studies so i kindly need your help

  183. Elizabeth G Vonyon says:

    I’m Elizabeth from Liberia and I pray to be a part of you

  184. BasseAkaninyene says:

    i need this scholarship as i need air b/cos my dream will become reality.

    1. Isaac siwale says:

      My name is Isaac siwale I completed last my dream is to study abroad and have a master’s degree in economics

  185. Michael Azumah Awidana says:

    My name is Michael Azumah Awidana. I graduated with Masters in Finance and investment Management and i would be grateful if you Could assist with funds to pursue PHD programme.

  186. RAJAORIZIKY says:

    Yes, I am interested, help me out with this opportunity

  187. Fumbah Siryon says:

    Hi I am Fumbah Siryon. I am a young Liberian who looking for better opportunity to achieve greater things in the future. I am asking for help and support from anyone to continue my education. I don’t have supporter I need help.

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